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Thanks to the Australian television series McLeod’s Daughters, I am walking with an alpaca through the Drenthe forests today. Near Steenwijk, Yvonne and Peter from AlpacaOord provide forest walks with alpacas. They were one of the first to organize the walks. But nowadays, alpaca walks are offered in many more places in the Netherlands.

Walk with an alpaca

If you go to Peru, how can you best prepare? According to my friends, the only correct answer is: with an alpaca walk in Drenthe. A unique birthday present, right? The average Dutch person might raise an eyebrow at such a gift, but I’m happy! It’s an unusual activity, and I don’t know anything about alpacas, so I’m looking forward to it. On this autumnal day, we head towards Drenthe. We are fortunate because, in the morning, it miraculously remains dry.

Alpaca farm in Drenthe

We meet Yvonne and Peter at their alpaca farm. They have about fifteen alpacas at the farm. We can touch the wool of the youngest. It feels much nicer and cleaner than sheep’s wool. You can also buy the alpaca wool at AlpacaOord. So, if you are into knitting a warm shawl… At the stable, we get some explanation about how the walk works, and in the meantime, our four walking alpacas are captured. They are real herd animals, so that is quite difficult.

Walking with alpacas

We go into the forest, each with an alpaca in hand. Initially, it’s a bit awkward, and our alpacas have a very slow pace. They are much more enthusiastic on the way back. While we walk, Peter and Yvonne talk about keeping alpacas, care, training, shows and how their love for alpacas started. Yvonne was inspired by the television series MacLeod’s Daughters and has infected the entire family with the alpaca virus. As the daughter of an animal-crazy mother, I can see how this idea of a sweet little alpaca in the meadow has grown into a real alpaca farm. Meet the Sterenborg family: mum has put an idea in her head, and dad allows it; before he knows it, he has half a zoo in his garden.

Me & my alpaca

Alpaca services (yes, really!)

Yvonne and Peter have studied keeping alpacas. They have built up much knowledge by visiting other alpaca farms, attending shows, and taking courses. Peter and Yvonne now teach, and their sons Mark and Kevin are fully immersed in the alpaca world. From stud service and transport and workshops to shearing service, you can contact AlpacaOord for it all. Father and son even get asked to shear alpacas in Hungary and Switzerland.

Feeding alpacas

I’m learning so much about alpacas today. I never knew there was a whole world behind this. During the walk, Peter takes on the role of photographer. Taking a selfie with an alpaca turns out to be challenging. The walk lasts about 45 minutes. Then we can go into the meadow with the alpacas to feed them. We end with a cup of coffee and a cookie. Then, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to these lovely people and cute animals. On to Peru!

Would you also like to walk with alpacas?

Would you like to do this sometime? You can book online at AlpacaOord. You can walk with alpacas for 40 euros for two people and 15 euros for each additional person. How cool is that?!

More spots for alpaca walks in the Netherlands

If AlpacaOord is not around the corner, try one of the other alpaca farms in the Netherlands. For example:

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