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KIM OP REIS is a travel blog by Kim Sterenborg. Kim loves to tick off all the highlights on her travel destination list while always searching for unique experiences. Exploring the hippy side of Koh Phangan, drinking ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle, or taking an alpaca for a walk in the Netherlands? Yes, please!

Blog articles on Kimopreis.nl contain a lot of practical information, personal experiences, and honest opinions. My writing style is cheerful and upbeat.

The readers are mainly female travelers (25-45 years old). A fantastic audience to have as 80% of travel decisions are made by women. Regardless of who their travel partner is, who is paying or what the destination is!

These women are independent, active travelers who want to have control over their schedule and their trip. No package deal, unless it’s with a specific goal (like a yoga retreat or a detox holiday). They often get their travel inspiration from tv shows, Instagram and magazines, and usually research their upcoming trip extensively online. That is where Kimopreis.nl comes in to provide these travelers with more in-depth information, practical tips, and unusual trip ideas.

My media kit and statistics are available upon request.

How can we collaborate?

Ben jij op zoek naar een eerlijke, open samenwerking met een reisblogger? Neem dan contact op, dan bespreken we de mogelijkheden. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld denken aan:

  • Individuele persreis, of groepsreis
  • Gesponsord artikel
  • Product review
  • Een winactie
  • Affiliate links

Ik doe niet aan gratis gastblogs, gratis links of linkruil met commerciële partijen.
Ben je een blogger, dan is er wel een mogelijkheid om een gastblog te plaatsen. Meer info.

I consider each request individually and only work with brands that complement my blog and have the same values and approach as my blog.

In any content, I will always mention that it was created in collaboration with your brand. I always follow the social media guidelines set out by the Dutch Stichting Reclamecode (SRC).

Would you like to send me something?

Wil je me een product toesturen? Leuk! Weet dat je dit geheel vrijblijvend doet. Wat ik online plaats over het product, en of ik het online plaats, is aan mij. Je kunt mijn adres bij me opvragen.


Are you interested in working together and would you like to know my prices? Send me your proposal and I’ll happily share more information about collaborating and my tariff card. Just to give you an idea: prices start at € 195 ex VAT (if you are looking to barter, this value is a great place to start).

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