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Ok, I’m not under the illusion that I can test all the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in Copenhagen in just one weekend. But I did find some really nice ones for you. So, if you are looking for trendy restaurants, fun bars, or good coffee in Copenhagen, grab this list of food and drink tips!

Copenhagen food scene and coffee culture

You can get everything you want from restaurants in Copenhagen: Italian to Thai and burgers to oysters. And you’ve probably heard of Noma: the restaurant named the best restaurant in the world on many lists. For that reason alone, many people visit Copenhagen. I must return one day because I couldn’t make a reservation (and need to save up a little longer, too). However, many chefs who once worked in Noma have opened their own restaurants in the city. This sets the bar high in terms of culinary experience.

In any case, reservations for restaurants in Copenhagen are a must, especially on weekends. Especially if you have a trendy restaurant in mind, make that reservation to avoid disappointment.

Copenhagen also has a vibrant coffee scene. The Danes love coffee. Denmark is consistently in the top ten coffee-consuming countries. And you can actually go just about anywhere with peace of mind: I haven’t had a bad cup of coffee anywhere. So, in this list of food tips, I also include the coffee shops in Copenhagen.

Typical Danish food

If you are in Copenhagen, be sure to try:

  • A cardamom roll
  • Smørrebrød with toppings
  • Smoked eel
  • A hot dog called Rød pølse

But where should you go? What are the trendy restaurants and fun bars in Copenhagen? Quickly check out my tips, and for more food and drink inspiration, I recommend the small but handy guide Copenhagen Like a Local.

The best coffee shops in Copenhagen

I told you already: the Danes take coffee seriously. So there are a lot of coffee shops in Copenhagen. They are often chains, but sometimes you can also find a smaller coffee shop where the owner is the barista.

The Artisan Copenhagen

The baristas at The Artisan are very helpful when choosing a coffee. They even roast the coffee beans live for you if you want. Sometimes, this can be done immediately, but make a reservation if you want to be sure of the experience. Also, you don’t necessarily have to have cappuccino or espresso. No, they are also happy to make you a cocktail! Excellent location on the water, and the interior is very modern.

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Risteriet Coffee Halmtorvet

You can go to Risteriet Coffee Halmtorvet near the station for a quick caffeine shot. The coffee café is half underground; you must go down a small flight of stairs. It is a bit of an alternative place where they also serve breakfasts and sandwiches. Risteriet also has a coffee roasting facility, so if you like their coffee, you have a nice souvenir from Copenhagen!

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Have a coffee at Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective has several locations in Copenhagen. They roast their own coffee, and that is why you will also find their coffee at other restaurants and cafes. I visit the Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej branch, where you can see the roasting facility through the glass. Add a sweet roll to your order, and you’re good to go.

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H A N S coffee bar

The H A N S coffee bar (formerly CUB) is in the middle of the city of Copenhagen. Have a delicious coffee with something sweet. If they have a cardamom roll, take it. You MUST try it at least once when you are in Copenhagen. There are a few tables outside and plenty of seating inside. Some people are working on their laptops, but it is mainly coffee lovers who visit H A N S.

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Breakfast, brunch, or lunch in Copenhagen

Many of the coffee shops above are also great for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. But of course, I have some additional tips for you.

Extensive brunch at Livingstone

Café Livingstone is beautifully situated on the water. In the summer months, this terrace will inevitably be super packed. You can have brunch here until four o’clock in the afternoon. There is an early bird deal on Saturday and Sunday. If you order between 8 and 8:45 a.m., you get seven brunch dishes for the price of five. Just ask the staff about the deal if you want it. We see so many plates at our neighbors that the two of us order seven dishes to share. That is more than enough, depending on what you choose and how hungry you are, of course.

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Sonny: a lunch for Instagram

What stands out when you walk into Sonny? That there are only women there and they all take pictures. The trendy design apparently mainly attracts ladies. Come for a cup of coffee or a nice lunch. The menu is limited, so the dishes fly out of the kitchen. The smörrebröd with chicken salad is highly recommended. Reservations are a must, at least on weekends.

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Tip! Discover Copenhagen’s food scene with a local. This way you learn what to eat and where. Check the options at WithLocals.

Meyers i Tårnet: lunch at height

This extraordinary place is located in the Christiansborg Tower: the former palace of the royal family and now the parliament building. So there is quite strict security to get upstairs, and later, I heard that it was exceptional that I could have lunch there without a reservation. Meyers i Tårnet is chic, but it doesn’t feel very posh. You can go wearing jeans, no worries. My best friend and I had our first smørrebrød here and immediately fell in love with it. Delicious with salmon, roast beef, beetroot, or herring. And it’s a great lunch spot because of the view over the square. You can also go higher into the tower and perhaps see Sweden.

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Street food in Copenhagen

I always enjoy trying food on the street – provided it looks hygienic. Fortunately, there is a huge area full of food trucks in Copenhagen, and you will also find popular Danish hot dog stalls in the city.

Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food

If you like trying different things, visit Reffen Copenhagen Street Food. This enormous site contains dozens of food trucks, container restaurants, and even a small beer brewery. There is a skate park, music (sometimes even live), and a city beach on the water. A really lovely place to chill and eat for a few hours. Check if Reffen is open: they usually open at the beginning of April and then close for the winter season.

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Tip! More street food and food trucks? Go to Broens Gadekøkken (Google Maps location), near Nyhavn. A fun spot with a handful of food trucks.

Hot Dog Døp: Danish hot dog

If you are in Copenhagen, you should get a traditional hot dog at the hot dog stands of Hot Dog Døp (Den Økologiske Pølsemand). The hot dog is a red pølse. It is a red-colored pork sausage on a darker and firmer bun than we’re used to in the Netherlands. Simply add everything: mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, and fried onions. Very tasty for a quick snack in between sightseeing. You can buy the rød pølse hot dog at various stalls, but Hot Dog Døp’s are entirely organic.

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Restaurant tips in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is bursting with trendy restaurants. So you will have no problem going out for a nice meal in Copenhagen. But make sure you make a reservation! Because many restaurants are absolutely packed, especially on weekends.

Bæst for trendy pizzas

I have no idea how to pronounce it: Baast? Beast? But it doesn’t matter, because it’s about the food. Restaurant Bæst attracts a hip, international crowd. You eat pizzas here, but just a little differently. Everything on the menu is organic, homemade, or at least locally sourced. The mozzarella on our plate? Made by hand this this morning. I forgot to take a picture because I was huuuuungryyyyyy.

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Llama: imagine yourself in Latin America

If you are a fan of Latin American cuisine, Llama is the place for you. The menu features dishes from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and more. Also, they serve the typical cocktails from the region, such as a pisco sour. Yum! The dishes are for sharing. You order two or three per person. The restaurant is underground but still feels cozy due to the clever use of mirrors on the walls and brightly colored tiles on the floor. It’s a big place and very popular. So be sure to make a reservation.

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Fun bars in Copenhagen

Fancy a drink at a nice bar? You have plenty of choices in Copenhagen. For example, go to a local brewery. Or would you instead try different gins or wines?

Gin bar Two Socks

There are no fewer than five Two Socks gin bars in Copenhagen. I go to the one near the station and am completely overwhelmed by the choice. More than 130 types of gin! How do you choose? Lucky guesses, I guess. You can also do a gin tasting, check out your options.

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BRUS brewery café

BRUS beer is brewed at the same location. And they like to experiment with flavors here, so many different beers are on tap. You pay Danish prices: two beers for €17.50 (in 2022). The price tag takes some getting used to on my first evening in Copenhagen. Anyway, it’s a nice bar, the beer tastes good, and if you want, you can also have a bite to eat there.

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Tip! Would you like to try more brewpubs in Copenhagen? Visit Warpigs Brewpub (Google Maps location) or Kølsters Tolv Haner (Google Maps location).

Chic cocktails at Brønnum

Brønnum’s cocktails are legendary. They are made with a lot of attention, care, and love. Pricey, but you also get excellent service, making it worthwhile. The staff can help you choose the perfect cocktail for your taste. And that’s nice because there are no standard cocktails on the menu at Brønnum. I try the Delicious Sour and it is, you guessed it, delicious. A really fun bar to have a drink before or after your dinner.

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Play games at Bastard Café

The Bastard Café is a simple café with many, many games. Some games you can play for free; for others, you have to pay a small contribution to play. There is even a games expert to whom you can ask questions and who will help you choose a fun game for your table. In the meantime, order a coffee or a beer, and suddenly, a few hours have passed.

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Wines, wines, wines at Villa Vino

Fogged windows and lots of laughter. When I walk into Villa Vino I know I’ve come to the right place for an evening of wine in a fun Copenhagen bar. It is a small place, and the tables are super close to each other. And that makes it so pleasant. You quickly strike up a conversation with the table next to you. The wine list is endless and has something in every price range. Be sure to order a cheese board with Danish cheese. We discover a delicious old cheese with crystals. Awesome find.

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Did you have enough to eat and drink? I also have lots of tips for sightseeing in Copenhagen for you!

More Denmark inspiration?

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