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Do you feel like you could use some inner peace and me-time? A yoga holiday or yoga weekend in the Netherlands is wonderfully relaxing and consists of so much more than just yoga. Fantastic accommodations, beautiful walks, healthy food, and more. Check the list with great options for yoga retreats in the Netherlands.

Almost all yoga retreats will take care of materials like yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, pillows, et cetera. But if you feel more comfortable with your own gear, search for a nice lightweight travel yoga mat.

Yoga and detox in Zandvoort (3 days)

A fantastic yoga retreat on the beach. You are going to take excellent care of your body for three days. Yoga classes, breathing workshops, and juice fasting: you get the whole package. You stay in a nice hotel near the beach and the center of Zandvoort.

Yoga and kickboxing retreat in Zeeland (4 days)

What a cool combo! Sweating is guaranteed. You will practice yoga and kickboxing daily, as well as participate in meditating and breathing exercises. In addition, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Zeeland nature: by yourself, and there’s also a hike on the program. So this yoga retreat is really for the active yogis. No less than three supervisors ensure that you have a fantastic retreat in Zeeland. Enjoy!

Yoga and cooking in Limburg (5 days)

This is a 5-day mini-yoga holiday in beautiful Limburg. The program contains so many activities! You can participate in a cooking class in which you’ll learn everything about food and chakras twice a day. And there is also the option to join a cacao ceremony and a sound healing, and, of course, you’ll do plenty of yoga. You’ll stay in a private room or a shared room in a gorgeous old farm house.

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Yin and flow yoga retreat in Twente (3 days)

One weekend, five yoga classes – and lovely forest walks too. You are staying in a beautiful nature reserve. I’m pretty sure you’ll go home relaxed and well-rested after this one. There is a communal area with a long table for endless talks with other yogis. The crew prepares vegan meals so that you can enjoy your me-time to the fullest – with a nicely filled stomach.

Yoga retreat in Molkwerum (4 dagen)

Have you ever done yoga in a church? Well, this is your chance! Travel to Friesland for hatha, yin and chakra yoga classes. You’ll stay in a B&B with beautiful surroundings. Close to the IJsselmeer, so you can count on terrific views and calming walks in the area. Take your time to slow down and then head back to the B&B for some delicious food.

Detox and yoga weekend in Vlodrop (3 days)

During this yoga weekend in Limburg, you get detox AND yoga. And don’t worry: it’s not just juices; there are also healthy wraps and soups for those who want some extras. If you need more, you can order something extra in the restaurant of the beautiful forest hotel where you are staying. Between the juices and meals, you get an interesting nutrition workshop. You also practice yoga, and you regularly go for a nice walk in the forest.

Yoga and silence retreat in Renkum (3 days)

Yoga and meditation are alternated with silent walks, and if you like it, you can participate in group circles or have a reflective conversation with supervisor Laura. During this yoga retreat you go into nature, you are in the middle of the woods. The real die-hards even sleep in a tent, but you can also reserve a room – no worries. With both options, you get to stoke a fire!

Online Yoga Challenge for Working from Home

By the way… if you like, you can follow my free online Yoga Challenge for Working from Home. I did a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand in 2019, and now that everyone is at home so much during this period, this seemed like a fun project to set up! Dutch only, but simply follow my moves, and you’ll be fine.

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