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On Ibiza, you can kiss an alpaca. Well, share an apple. Luckily, no tongue is involved. And you can even join a yoga class with alpacas! The Belgian couple San and Bart opened the first alpaca farm on the island in 2019: Es Currals.

Small-scale alpaca farm

Walking with alpacas has been a trend in the Netherlands for some time now. Today, you can also visit these beautiful animals with a high cuddliness level (look at those hairstyles!! ❤️) on Ibiza. Under supervision, of course. Make an appointment with San and Bart for a visit, and they will share the exact location of the farm. They do not want to make it publicly known because they do not want to make a large-scale tourist attraction out of their alpaca farm. The animals need to rest (and giving the same tour again and again also takes the fun out of it).

Get creative with alpacas: wool, poop, and yoga

The couple rents part of an old finca for their alpacas. The farm is continuously developing. They just finished the plateaus in the meadow for yoga classes (alpaca yoga!), and a weaving atelier is coming. San makes clothing from alpaca wool. Now in a different location, but they are eager to bring it all together on the farm. Another source of income is the alpaca poo. Yes, you read that right. The alpaca poo turns out to be the perfect fertilizer for the garden. At first, the Ibizans thought that was a crazy idea (I understand). But since they saw that the plants of experimental neighbors did a lot better than theirs, the alpaca poo flies over the counter (well packed, of course).

The alpaca family of Es Currals

Bart gives me a tour and learns everything about alpacas and the operations of the farm. They started with five alpacas from Belgium. They have a few more now, including some youngsters. They are not just any alpacas; these ones have exceptionally high-quality wool. The wool of champions.

The two gentlemen Mojo and Lewis, sit separately, and Lewis is allowed to visit the ladies now and then to see if the time is right for some love-making. Bart gives me a handful of hay and greens so that the alpacas take an interest and I can admire them up close. Although the cuddliness level is high, they are not so easy to pet. They have a mind of their own. Bart knows the characters of all alpacas, and it is very entertaining to get to know them a bit.

When we walk into the meadow of the ladies, they also like to feast on the treat. Alpaca Barbarella loves apples, and if you put a slice in your mouth, she takes it out (semi-) carefully. The alpacas don’t seem too bothered by our arrival. They are in for a snack but then go back to chilling out.

Alpaca yoga on Ibiza

On my first visit to the alpaca farm, the yoga meadow was still under construction, so you understand that I came back as soon as they offered the yoga classes. Alpaca yoga takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, and you get a short explanation of the farm.

The alpaca girls come into the meadow during my lesson. Until now, Bart has mainly used the ladies for the yoga classes as they are very curious. But who knows, the castrated boys might also get their turn because they seem interested enough.

There are seven wooden platforms in the meadow, one for the yoga teacher. The alpacas walk loose through the field and occasionally come to have a look. Here and there is a tuft of hay to lure them. The class is tranquil, which is fine in the hot weather. Of course, I am almost continuously distracted by the alpacas, but that is the intention, isn’t it?

Visit the alpacas

Do you also want to meet the alpacas? Then contact them and make an appointment. A guided tour lasts about an hour and costs € 10; children under 7 are half the price. A yoga class costs €30 per person. Also, follow them on Instagram: cute photos and funny texts.

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