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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just checked the Lisbon weather forecast or escaped a downpour. Of course, this was not why you came to Lisbon, but let’s make the most of it. What can you do in Lisbon when it rains?

Tip 1 – Join a Pastel de Nata workshop

This is also a fantastic tip when it’s not raining. You can get a Pastel de Nata in Lisbon on just about every street corner: a small round pastry filled with yellow cream. Delicious. So why not learn how to make them?

I join a workshop where I learn to make Pastel de Nata and cod fritters (the Portuguese love cod). For about two hours, I learn about the history of the famous pastry and how to make it myself with a small group of fellow chefs. This is the workshop I did, but there are more options.

Tip 2 – Shopping, bowling, and going to the movies in Centro Colombo

Centro Colombo is a huge shopping center with about 50 restaurants and 300 shops. You can enjoy yourself for a few hours when it rains in Lisbon. Find out here which movie is showing in the cinema and Bowling City is on the second floor.

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Tip 3 – Treat yourself to a massage

It’s time for a massage when the rain soaks my shoes and socks. I end up at EcoMassage in town. This massage parlor has two locations close to each other and often has time for last-minute bookings. Now you don’t want to take the chance and go that way through the rain, but luckily you can WhatsApp them directly via their website to make an appointment. On arrival, somebody will warmly welcome you and discuss your preferences. Deep tissue? Relax? Thai? Everything is possible.

Tip 4 – Escape the rain in an escape room

This is a double escape: escape the rain and escape from the escape room. Fortunately, there are enough providers in Lisbon that also offer escape games in English – in Portuguese, it might be too challenging. Try booking at Puzzle Room, Escape Hunt, or Game Over.

Tip 5 – Visit a museum in Lisbon

Lisbon has several excellent museums. A museum visit is a great activity for when it rains in Lisbon. What do you think of:

Check out the overview at Tiqets for more museums and galleries.

If you plan to visit several museums, consider the Lisbon Card. It gives you free entry or a discount at many museums and attractions.

Tip! If it is not raining, there are much more fun things to do. Check out all the tips for sights and activities in Lisbon.

Tip 6 – Eat your way around the Time Out Market

The Time Out Market is a massive hall with many seats and small eateries. Pick the smaller snacks so that you have enough space to try different things for a few hours. Don’t miss the local delicacies either. After all, you can get a burger anywhere, but not a Pastel de Bacalhau. So come and shelter from the rain in the Time Out Market.

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Tip 7 – Visit the Oceanário de Lisboa

Go underwater without getting wet. At the Oceanário, you can view more than 8,000 marine animals, from sharks to fish, sea otters, and penguins. There are four ‘tanks’ where you can see animals from a specific ocean: the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Buy your ticket in advance because that’s how you reserve a time slot. A great pastime for a rainy day in Lisbon.

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Tip 8 – Take a tour of the Benfica stadium

Da Luz is the station of the Benfica football club. A visit is a must for football fans (or for those who simply want to do something in Lisbon when it rains). A guide will take you through the stadium and tell you all about the club’s history. You can even visit the changing rooms. You also get access to the Benfica museum to admire all the trophies. Book in advance!

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Tip 9 – Visit a Fado show

The evening in Lisbon belongs to the fadistas: the fado singers. Shelter from the rain in a fado house where almost every song is about (lost) loves. You have to make a reservation at the popular Fado houses (and especially when it rains, you better secure a spot). Try Clube de Fado, Fado in Chiado, or Fado ao Carmo.

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