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Bathe in beer. Have you ever tried it? I have now, in Štramberk in the Czech Republic. But the beer bath isn’t the only thing Štramberk is known for. So discover quickly why you really should take a day trip to this cute village.

Fairytale mountain village Štramberk

Štramberk in the Czech Republic is about a 45-minute drive from Ostrava, in the east of the country. Google Maps may say you can do it faster, but it hardly considers the narrow mountain roads. The village is in the Beskydy mountains, and you notice that immediately: you notice it in your calves. No street is flat. The roads wind through the village, up and down. As a result, you, of course, have a beautiful view of the green mountains.

On the square are small shops, museums, and restaurants. Here you can already see the beautifully colored facades. Walking the streets uphill, you will also come across many wooden houses. It’s magical. So, of course, you walk around a bit in Štramberk, but what else is there to experience?

Tip! Fancy a costume party? Go to the historic photo salon and have yourself immortalized in a 19th-century outfit. Google Maps location.

Climb the Trúba tower

Above the town are the castle ruins of Štramberk. The castle tower, Trúba, is still intact and can be climbed. From the square in Štramberk, it is about a ten to fifteen-minute walk to the tower. The best way is to follow the road behind the church and take the stairs down on your way back. This way, you get to see the cute streets and houses of Štramberk on your way up.

The tower is round, and a spiral staircase leads you to a wooden viewing platform. As you walk up, you come across some unusual objects: scary dolls and knight equipment. But that’s not what I’m here for; I’m here for the 360° view. Unfortunately, it is pretty cloudy during my visit, so I can’t see that far. However, the town is visible. Hopefully, you’ll be there on a clear day!

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Huge pizzas at Pizzerie Picollo

After a bit of a climb, you deserve a hearty lunch. The colorful pizzeria Pizzerie Picollo is a cozy restaurant that serves huge pizzas. They are generously topped, so one large pizza is enough for two. Or can I challenge you to finish one by yourself? Good luck!

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Wellness: beer bath in a beer spa

I have my doubts beforehand: why would I sit in a bath full of beer? It doesn’t seem very pleasant to me. And do they heat the beer? Doesn’t that stink? But those concerns are unfounded. Štramberk Spa’s beer bath is a mix of water, sea salt, beer foam, and peat. And it smells delicious.

Upon entering, I get a bathrobe and slippers, and I am taken to my beer bath. I get a short explanation and get to bathe in the beer for about twenty minutes. There is a beer on the table next to me – it’s a bit of a shame that the lady forgot to explain that the tap behind me is a beer tap. So it’s only when I’ve finished the beer bath that I hear from other beer bathers that I could fill my glass!

Anyway, the beer bath is nice and warm, smells nice, and my skin becomes silky soft. I’m told I should not rinse it off for the best effect. There are also beer baths for two. If you are going with someone, I would definitely pick that one as they are in a much nicer space. The beer baths for one, sit in an area with wooden partitions for privacy, but it’s pretty dark and not so cozy. So you can put on your swimwear, but you don’t have to as no one sees you. It’s up to you.

After the beer bath, you can relax for a while in a warm room with a view of the mountains. Fill your beer glass quickly before you are brought up there. You can also book other wellness activities at Štramberk Spa. Check the options.

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Local specialty: Štramberk biscuits

Štramberk’s biscuits are similar in taste to the Dutch taai taai and look like twisted ears. They are called Štramberk ears (Štramberské uši), and they have been made in this town for centuries. Eat them where they are made at Cukrárna U Hezounů. Order a cup of coffee and enjoy the cookie.

Owner Ladislav’s team makes 3000 Štramberk ears daily, primarily by hand. The recipe is a secret. Smiley Ladislav got it from his mother. The cookies are a reminder of a bloody invasion in 1241. The Štramberk population then fled into the hills to escape the Tartar invaders. When, after a heavy rain, they saw the opportunity to flood the Tartar camp, they got their village back. However, they did make a gruesome find: bags full of salted human ears. Those the Tartars kept proving how many people they had killed. And the cookie ears have been baked ever since…

You can always ask the staff at Cukrárna U Hezounů if you can take a look in the bakery. And don’t forget to buy some cookies!

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Stay the night in Štramberk

If you’d rather curl up in bed after the beer bath than drive back to Ostrava, you can also stay overnight at the hotel’s beer spa. The Štramberk Spa hotel has a handful of rooms, all unique. The hotel rooms are in two old buildings. The buildings are so old that the layout is anything but logical, but the rooms are comfortable. They are furnished with many antiques, and there is also a restaurant. Check out the rooms.

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