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You don’t necessarily have to go far for a yoga holiday or yoga weekend, but it is nice to cross national borders. So why wouldn’t you go on a yoga retreat in Belgium if you’re a Dutchie – or any other nationality for that matter? Quickly check the list of great options for yoga retreats in Belgium; please: always double-check the spoken language during the retreat before you book!

Almost all yoga retreats will take care of materials like yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, pillows, et cetera. But if you feel more comfortable with your own gear, search for a nice lightweight travel yoga mat.

Yoga retreat with hikes in Hodister (4 days)

This yoga retreat takes place in the Ardennes, so you should also take some time to discover the area. Beautiful walks are planned, and you can connect with the various natural elements with various activities (including yoga, of course). This yoga retreat is all about connection and silence. It’s pretty back to basic, so you have to like that.

Active silence retreat in the Ardennes (3 days)

Expect a lot of meditation, yoga, self-massage, a personal reflection one-on-one, and walks during your silent retreat. But above all, a lot of silence! The intention is to get closer to yourself this weekend. You even have to put your phone aside. That isn’t easy, but very valuable!

Lovely long yoga retreat in Frandeux (8 days)

Go for a full-week yoga retreat in Frandeux. This yoga retreat is all about relaxation. And above all, it is fun. You will experience this special week with your fellow yogis, but you can organize it as you wish. Various yoga classes are offered simultaneously, so you can choose what you need at that moment. And there are several fun workshops too, so choosing will be quite difficult!

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Yoga weekend Belgium: closeup of a woman sitting with her hand in meditation pose on her knee

Dance, meditation, yoga retreat in Hodister (4 days)

If you want more than just yoga, this is a top retreat for you. You can try out different dance forms and enjoy campfires. Mantras and sharing circles are also on the program, so you go all in at this retreat. Enjoy!

Cooking, Wellness, Hiking, and Yoga Weekend in Nederzwalm (3 days)

Nederzwalm is in the Belgian Ardennes, which is a perfect place to relax and take beautiful walks. This yoga retreat combines everything: yoga classes, a herbal walk, and good cooking. This promises to be a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Akasha yoga and meditation retreat in Heks (4 days)

Akasha yoga? It is a yoga style inspired by hatha yoga. You stay in an old monastery near a castle, in the middle of nature. Cooking is done with products from the garden, and you have plenty of time to try different yoga styles and workshops. Some things you may have done before, others you haven’t, and you can finally try it out. This retreat is one of Belgium’s most popular yoga retreats for a reason!

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Yoga retreat with clay workshops in the Ardennes (4 days)

You rarely come across this combination: a yoga retreat with clay workshops. But why not? With clay, you work with your hands, and that is very relaxing. And who knows, you might make something really beautiful! There are also yoga classes on the schedule, and the supervisors try to connect the clay workshops to yoga. Sounds interesting right?!

Yoga and lifestyle retreat in Durbuy (3 days)

The yoga and lifestyle retreat in Durbuy is organized several times a year and has a different theme each time. So if you like it, you can do it again later in the year. 😉 You stay in a fairytale castle and have the chance to experience different yoga styles, but also mantra singing, meditation, creative sessions, sound baths… This yoga retreat is in English, so you can expect a more international group.

Online Yoga Challenge for Working from Home

By the way… if you like, you can follow my free online Yoga Challenge for Working from Home. I did a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand in 2019, and now that everyone is at home so much during this period, this seemed like a fun project to set up! Dutch only, but simply follow my moves, and you’ll be fine.

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