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A yoga retreat in Bali is very popular. Not surprisingly: Bali is a beautiful island with a rich cultural tradition and spiritual atmosphere. But the offer of yoga retreats is enormous, so which one should you choose?

Yoga retreat in Bali: difficult to choose

Picking the best yoga retreat is a difficult job. You can find so many options in Bali. The locations range from luxury resorts to traditional Balinese homes. You can go on a retreat near the beach or between the rice fields. And many yoga retreats offer nice combinations of surfing or meditation. Ultimately, it’s about getting that excited feeling and that you can’t wait to get there.

While searching for a good yoga retreat in Bali, I discovered that the combination of a bit of luxury, yoga, and surfing appealed to me the most. And I wanted at least a week before I started backpacking again. So that’s how I ended up at this retreat in Canggu.

I’d love to help you on your way. Try to get an idea of what you are looking for first: do you want to immerse yourself entirely in yoga, or is one yoga class a day enough? Then, be sure to check out these ten yoga retreats in Bali!

Culture, yoga, and meditation retreat in Tabanan (5 days)

You stay in a sustainable retreat location between the rice fields in Tabanan. It looks pretty idyllic! And that swimming pool beckons. Every day there is a yoga and meditation class, and you also get a wonderful treatment in the spa. All meals are included, and there is plenty of time to explore the area. You can join the (paid) excursions offered.

Bali yoga retreat

Restore and Renew yoga retreat in Ubud (5 days)

You will experience all kinds of relaxing and restorative yoga sessions in five days , including kundalini tantra. A sound healing session (love it!) and a beautiful ceremony at a temple complement this. The yoga retreat focuses on yoga; sightseeing in Bali will have to wait until after the retreat. You won’t stay in central Ubud, so keep that in mind.

Surf and yoga holiday in Canggu (8 days)

With this yoga holiday, you also have a lot of leisure time. You get surf lessons a few times, several yoga classes, and a massage – three of them even! You will also have time to explore Canggu. The Penang Penang resort is just outside the center of Canggu, so you need a scooter. But you will probably also spend a lot of time at the resort because the pool is terrific and the rooms are so beautiful!

Cooking and yoga holiday in Ubud (4 days)

At this yoga retreat, you stay in a small-scale accommodation where you enjoy your yoga and cooking classes. All activities occur on days two and three; for example, you visit the market or get an excellent massage. There is also a nice walk through the rice fields on the schedule. In addition, a shuttle can take you to Ubud center, and they even pick you up at the airport if you like! That’s a good start to a Bali trip, right?!

Local culture and yoga retreat in Sesandan (5 days)

If you like to get to know the real Balinese life a little bit better, this might be the yoga retreat for you. You stay in a small village, and if you’d like, even in a homestay with a family. The purpose of this yoga retreat is to provide the local community with a way to earn an income. So there is no retreat center where you stay with your fellow yogis, but everyone stays with another family in the area. Cool right? And yes, of course, there is also plenty of yoga.

Photography, surf, and yoga holiday in Canggu (8 days)

This sounds like a cool combo! Join yoga classes daily, get surfing lessons a few times, and learn from a photographer through workshops. This way, you get to know your camera better and take better photos. Pretty useful, as you can immediately apply your new skills during the rest of your holiday in Bali. You visit a few photogenic spots with the photographer, for example, a market or rice field.

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Open Water PADI and Yoga Retreat in Buleleng (6 days)

Always wanted to get your diving certificate? Why not combine it with a yoga retreat? The morning starts with a yoga class, after which you will have a diving course to obtain your certificate. Then, after a day of learning and diving, there is relaxation time on the schedule. Breathing sessions, for example, or an Ayurvedic treatment. In addition, you go out on the water one morning to spot dolphins at sunrise.

Bali Yoga Retreats

Surfing, freediving, snorkeling, and yoga holiday in Nusa Lembongan (6 days)

Nusa Lembongan is a small island that belongs to Bali. You can snorkel with manta rays here. Highly recommended. Luckily, this yoga retreat includes exactly that! And much more: yoga and meditation sessions, an introductory freediving workshop, surf lessons… The accommodation is simple, but your schedule is so full that you are hardly there anyway.

Cheap yoga retreat in Canggu (4 days)

At this yoga retreat, you can follow up to ten yoga sessions per day. That seems physically impossible to me, but it does mean you have plenty of choices from different times and styles. The retreat location is less than a five-minute walk from the beach, but there is also a lovely swimming pool. Please note that only breakfast is included. You have to arrange the other meals yourself. That’s why it’s probably the cheapest yoga retreat you will find in Bali.

Culture and yoga retreat in Sesandan (5 days)

At this yoga retreat, you combine yoga classes with cultural activities. You will stay in a homestay or guesthouse with a Balinese family. So you get to know the local life a bit. You can also participate in a few typical Balinese activities during the retreat. Think of Balinese martial arts, making a herbal drink or coconut oil, or Balinese music lessons. A full, but relaxing schedule.

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