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Would you like to do a small-scale, authentic wine tasting during your holiday in Tuscany? Then, winery A Solatio in Certaldo is the perfect place for you. The personal approach, endless supply of wine, and the many delicious snacks guarantee an unforgettable wine tasting in Tuscany, Italy.

Wine Tasting in Certaldo, Tuscany

The winery A Solatio is small, cozy, and friendly. Owners Raffaello and Donella are terrific hosts. Thanks to them, this is a winery you never want to leave. And there’s no rush either because Raffaello and Donella give you all the time you need to taste wine in Tuscany.

At A Solatio, you can come over for a wine tasting or just have a glass. Whatever you do, you will be taken very good care of. Unfortunately, on the day of my visit, the weather is not cooperating, so we cannot visit the vineyards. It’s too soggy and wet. My best friend and I think this is a shame, but that is more than made up for by many glasses of wine and tasty snacks. This wine tasting is clearly the number 1 activity on TripAdvisor in Certaldo for a good reason!

The wine production of A Solatio

We start with an explanation by Raffaello at his wine tanks. He explains the entire production process. Now that Raffaello is retired, he has full focus on winemaking. Not in gigantic quantities: he’s the only seller, and one restaurant in the area serves his wine. All wines are produced entirely organically, as is the homemade olive oil. The wines mature here in Certaldo at Raffaello and Donella’s home. The grapes are pressed and bottled at a rented location. Then they end up in the couple’s wine shop.

An atypical wine room in Certaldo

In the wine shop, we also have our tasting. It almost feels like I’m visiting family. Everything is neatly displayed at the entrance. The further we go in the room, the more odd objects we encounter. It is an office, shop, and tasting room all in one. In the back is a large table to sit at. We are surrounded by Raffaello’s private wine collection, with a considerable layer of dust. Old billiard lighting hangs above the table. The CD player plays the Dire Straits incessantly on repeat. We wait somewhat skeptically and quietly: will this be okay?

Tuscan wines from A Solatio

Then Raffaello conjures up beautiful wooden boards, and the first glasses of Tuscan wine are served. In total, we taste six wines, but we drink seven glasses. Various wines are made with the name A Solatio: merlot, chianti, syrah, and more. White wines are also part of the range; one is even named after hostess Donella. A bottle of wine varies in price from 10 to 35 euros. But Raffaello prefers not to talk about prices. He cares about the quality of the wine. However, he does buy wines from competitors in the same price range. Purely out of interest and to learn from, he says. He is curious about how others make wine, how those wines develop, and well… Raffaello also just wants to know how good his wine is. He laughs because, actually, he always comes to the conclusion that his wine is better.

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Beautiful wine-food combinations

Wine tasting requires full glasses – that’s the motto here. The tasting wines are built up from light to full-bodied. And we get a snack with everything. Not just a piece of cheese or a slice of sausage, but an excellent little dish. Raffaello cuts Parma ham on his meat slicer and subtly drips truffle honey over our plate while Donella prepares the bruschetta. We are so well looked after here! Donella hardly speaks English, but we all get along fine because she speaks Italian slowly. Maybe the wine helps too.

Entrepreneurial winegrowers

Raffaello and Donella not only have wine running through their veins, but they also have entrepreneurial blood. Donella has a shop with homemade products in Certaldo, where even the Dutch Princess Beatrix comes. She proudly shows us an old newspaper with a photo of the visit of Princess Beatrix.

Ready to try a wine tasting in Certaldo, Tuscany at A Solatio?

It is wise to book your wine tasting in advance, but you can also just show up A Solatio – say hi from me ok? If there is already a tasting going on, you may still be able to join in or wait in the garden and walk around a bit. For our wine tasting, we paid €40 per person, including snacks. Various options for tastings and dinners are mentioned on the website. The easiest way is to contact the wine-loving couple to coordinate what you want. Almost anything is possible!

And give Donella and Raffaello my regards! Many readers have told me they had a great time with these lovely wine lovers.

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Picture with Rafaello

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