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Mallorca has more than 70 (!!) wineries. According to some, there are even close to a hundred. Bizarre, isn’t it, for such a small island? Bizarre, but very welcome. Because an afternoon of wine tasting is always a good idea. I’ve tested five wine tastings in Mallorca for you to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Mallorca wineries – wine island!

Mallorca has already built up quite a wine history. The oldest winery (Bodegas Ribas) has been producing wine for over 300 years. There are not many export wines from Mallorca, partly because the wineries are often small. The production is not so high, which makes it less interesting to export. However, I am in Mallorca by car, so I am definitely going to be exporting some Mallorca wines for myself!

Wine tasting Mallorca: bottles of wine stacked in the cellar

Arranging wine tours and wine tastings in Mallorca

Many of Mallorca’s wineries are in Binissalem and Pla I Llevant, or they grow their grapes there and process them into wine at another location. So you can join a wine tour or do a wine tasting in many places scattered over the island.

In fact, you can make all kinds of cool combinations. Horseback riding and drinking wine. Have a picnic and drink wine. Convertible tour and wine drinking. There is even a wine express train where you go by train to different spots in Mallorca to taste wine. Check out the options at Get Your Guide.

If you would like to do a wine tour or wine tasting in Mallorca, I recommend that you book online in advance or give the winery a call – to prevent disappointments. The larger wineries regularly offer tours you can book via Get Your Guide or Viator. Super easy. Also, WithLocals offers different wine experiences, such as wine and tapas in Palma de Mallorca. But at the smaller wineries, you often have to make an appointment by mail or telephone.

5 Mallorca wineries tested!

I spend quite some time in Mallorca and visit five wineries: Bodegas Angel, Macià Batle, Vins Nadal, José L. Ferrer, and Bodegas Sa Cabana. All completely different, so quickly read what I thought so you can choose the best wine tasting in Mallorca for you!

Wine tasting and tour at Bodegas Angel

Winery Bodegas Angel in Mallorca is still relatively young. They have been making wines since 2006. They produce about 200,000 bottles yearly: red, white, and rosé. The name Angel comes from founder Andrés Gelabert. Gelabert was already another winery, so he took the first letters of his first and last name. Andrés is a Mallorcan who grew up in the US and became interested in wine. He took his knowledge back to the island. You will find Bodegas Angel between Palma and Binissalem.

The German guide leads our tasting. I actually especially enjoy our conversation about the island. About what life is like in Mallorca. In the meantime, we are served four wines and a snack in the spacious tasting room. There is also a lovely outdoor area for tastings in the summer months.

The tour is a bit limited. Maybe because it’s autumn? But I would also have liked to have gone into the vineyard. However, it is limited to visiting the bottle and storage areas. The wine from Bodegas Angel does get exported, about 60% of the total production. Would you like to take a bottle home with you? The most expensive one is 45 euros, so that’s not too bad.

Wine tour at Bodegas Angel, the pros and cons:

+ €16 
+ 4 wines to taste 
+ Small snacks
+ Beautiful terrain
- Limited tour

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Wine tasting and tour at Macià Batle

At Macià Batle, you notice that the wine tours are a well-oiled machine. The guide knows how to transfer a lot of knowledge in a short time, keep a fairly large group together, and to entertain. We go through the entire winemaking process from fermenting, bottling, and maturing. Here too, we do not enter the vineyard, but you can see it and walk past it from the parking lot.

Macià Batle makes many different types of wines, so there’s bound to be something you like. These wines are also readily available in supermarkets on the island of Mallorca. They often cost a little more than when you buy them directly from Macià Batle. The labels of the wines of this winery are striking. They don’t seem to match at all, and that’s actually the idea. Artists are asked to design the labels, giving the more exclusive wines their own look.

In the tasting room, we try four wines with snacks. Lots of snacks. During the tasting, a man comes to play a song on a kind of Mallorcan bagpipe. He has a lot of fun and knows how to convey that to the group. We get enthusiastic over the music and the wine and buy a massive bottle of red wine that we save for Christmas dinner.

Wine tour at Macià Batle, the pros, and cons:

+ €15 
+ 4 wines to taste
+ Lots of snacks
+ Professional guide
- Larger groups
- No visit to the vineyard

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Wine tasting at Vins Nadal

At Vins Nadal, I am doing my third wine tour in Mallorca, and by now, I am starting to regret that you do not visit the vineyard anywhere. Apparently, you can at Vins Nadal, but then you have to book a more extensive tour.

The location of the wine tasting is actually tiny. There are a few fermentation tanks, and the wines are in barrels and in the bottle in the cellar. So you mainly come here to taste and get a good explanation from the guide. I really learn a lot about Mallorcan wine from her. She explains that in the 1950s, there was a real tourism boom in Mallorca, and with the tourists came the demand for wine. So a lot of wine was brought from the mainland. For example, Vins Nadal had vineyards on the island and on the mainland, and they just mixed the grapes. Back then, it was all about quantity.

That is different now. Quality is the most important, which is why the vineyards in other locations are closed. Now they produce real Mallorcan wine. I like that they try to grow and make wine sustainably. They have adapted their bottles to use 20% less glass, the label is not treated with chlorine, and they even want to make the labels smaller to use less paper. In fact, Vins Nadal removes everything that is not necessary. And then there is delicious wine left. My favorite: the Alba Flor, a beautiful, full-bodied red wine.

Wine tour at Vins Nadal, the pros and cons:

+ from € 20 
+ 3 wines to taste
+ Nice tasting room
+ Friendly, very knowledgeable guide
+ Visit to vineyard possible at extra cost
- Small location

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Wine tasting at Bodegas José L. Ferrer

Four generations of the Ferrer family have been making wine in Mallorca. You can taste these wines in Binissalem in the shop and tasting room. That is not necessarily very atmospheric, but quite okay for a rainy day. You will receive an A4 explaining the wines, and while the servant is pouring the wines, they’ll give you some more details.

There are standard wine tastings with three or four glasses, but if you want to taste a specific wine, you can. You can also order individual test glasses. We try everything from the Veritas label and love it. So I take a box home. If you are not driving in your own car, you can also have the wines sent to the Netherlands or any other country.

You can also visit the vineyard if you want to complete your visit. You do that by train! You must contact them in advance to organize it all.

Wine tour at Bodegas José L. Ferrer, the pros and cons:

+ From €15 
+ 3 Wines to taste
+ Modern tasting room with shop
+ Order individual test glasses
+ Visit to vineyard possible at extra cost
- No tour

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Wine tasting and tour at Bodegas Sa Cabana

The wine tasting and tour at Bodegas Sa Cabana in Mallorca is the most personal of the five. And I’m finally going to the vineyard! Whoohoo. The guide drives us across the vineyard in a van, and we make a few stops for some extra explanation. It is a dark, stormy day during my visit. Trees fall over, roots and all, and flower boxes fall to the ground.

We are happy that we are mainly safe and dry in the cozy tasting room. And warm, thanks to the fireplace. We taste the four wines of Sa Cabana, and the guide takes the time to let us enjoy the tasting.

I think this is a stunning location for a wine tasting. You are in the middle of the vines. It’s not possible to see the production location, but luckily, I have already seen a few during the other wine tours and tastings.

Wine tour at Bodegas Sa Cabana, the pros and cons:

+ From €15 
+ 4 Wines to taste
+ Cozy tasting room in the vineyard
+ Personal approach
+ Visit to vineyard 
- No negatives!

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Too much wine to taste in Mallorca

Somewhere between 70 and 100 wineries in Mallorca. You’ll not make it to all of them during your vacation, haha. If the five above don’t appeal to you, or they don’t have availability, a few other options are:

Be sure to check out what’s on offer in the supermarket – which Mallorcan wines you can buy there? That’s how you organize your own wine tasting!

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