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Of course, I hope you have a beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately, it sometimes rains on Texel in the Netherlands. At least during my visit, it does. So here are 10 tips to have fun on Texel when it rains.

Tip 1 – Taste beer at Brouwerij Texels

I think Brouwerij Texels is best known for its Skuumkoppe. Now available throughout the Netherlands. Texels has even more options: they brew more than ten types of beer here on Texel. It is fantastic and tasty fun to try them out in the tasting room on a rainy day. You can visit the terrace every day (a small part is covered) and luckily there is also seating inside. Would you like to know more about the brewery? Then register (on time) for a guided tour. Of course, there is also a shop so you can take some beers home.

You can book on the Texels website.

Tip 2 – Extensive tour of the Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij (family brewery)

The Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij is a much smaller brewery than Texels. The Diks family has been brewing delicious beers since 2017. Papa Maurice used to work at Texels and even developed the Skuumkoppe. So rest assured the quality of the Tesselaar beers is good. At the Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij you can join a daily tour of 45 minutes or participate in an extensive tour that takes 1.5 hours. You then have more time to learn everything about the brewery, to drink a cup of coffee, and you will get a present to take home. You get to taste three beers during both the daily and the extensive tour.

Book online in advance! – if you don’t speak Dutch, make sure to reach out to the brewery to ask about the options

Tip 3 – Get some fresh air and warm up at a beach pavilion

If you dare to brave the rain, there is nothing better than a walk on the beach. Maybe not a long walk, but just long enough to earn yourself a cup of hot chocolate or a Texel beer at one of the beach pavilions.

Texel rain activities - Kim and Patrick look into the camera visibly affected by the rain

Tip 4 – Museum Kaap Skil

Avoid the rain and discover Texel’s maritime history. Downstairs in the Kaap Skil museum is a beautiful model full of ships, and there are many finds from shipwrecks on display, including from the shrapnel wreck. Throughout the museum, you will find stories of brave naval heroes and whalers. Outside there is an open-air museum where you (in between the rain), for example, see fishermen’s houses from yesteryear, visit a bakery, and admire a grain mill.

There is also a small exhibition about the boat that takes you to Texel: the TESO. TESO stands for Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming. In English: Texels Own Steamship Company because this boat is owned by the inhabitants of Texel. Dive back in time with them; it is enriching! And the name Kaap Skil? A Kaap is a marker for navigation on land. Skil is what the Texel people call Oudeschild, the village in which the museum is located.

Buy your tickets online.

Tip 5 – Shopping in Den Burg

Den Burg is the largest town on Texel. Many shops can be found in the small center. Home accessories are especially popular, but the regular stores (HEMA, Action, etc.) are also there. Let your eye fall on a lovely warm sheepskin to decorate your house, or buy something else with a sheep on it. Believe me, EVERYTHING is available here with a picture of a sheep on it.

Drop in for a cup of coffee at the Texelse Branding. A modern coffee shop where you can shelter from the rain.

Tip 6 – Watch a movie with popcorn: Cinema Texel

In Den Burg you will find Cinema Texel. Going to the cinema is ideal on a rainy day. Buy your tickets online in advance. In the Netherlands we use subtitles for English-spoken movies, so you’ll have no trouble understanding any of the blockbusters!

Cinema Texel cinema - roundabout with the cinema located in a large building

Tip 7 – Go back to the past in the Oudheidkamer

The Oudheidkamer is located in Den Burg, right next to cozy terraces (but that’s no fun in the rain). It is an old building from (probably) 1599. The name already gives it away a bit: the house is furnished in historical style. The decor is from the 18th century when writing was done with feathers, and people slept in a box bed. The Oudheidkamer is a small museum with a lovely herb garden where you can smell the scent of a hundred different herbs and plants.

The Oudheidkamer Texel

Tip 8 – Take a wool bath in the spa

At Boutique Hotel Texel you can take a wool bath. Sounds strange, but it is (hopefully) super comfy. Your whole body gets covered in a layer of wool, which is good for your muscles and joints because of the sheep’s wool’s warmth. The wool grease makes your skin soft and supple. So relax in the wool, Texel wool, of course. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it myself yet, but my interest has been piqued! If such a wool bath is a bit much for you, there are also plenty of other massages and beauty treatments at Spa Woolness.

Spa Woolness is part of Boutique Hotel Texel. So you can also spend the night there. Check out the rooms.

Tip 9 – wine tasting on Texel

There is a vineyard on Texel! That is good news because you can go to the tasting room for a wine tasting even in bad weather. Officially there is also a tour of the vineyard possible, but that might be less fun in the rain. Drinking your grief away with a few wines is for sure a good plan! Would you like a wine tasting like that? You can book online, but if you require a non-Dutch spoken tasting, give them a call first.

Tip 10 – Lame puns

If you have already visited some sights on Texel or have taken a tour, then you know how much guides like to joke about the Texel lamb. In Dutch, a lamb is a lam, but lam also means being very drunk and/or incapable of moving. “Every sheep has been lam at one time” or “As tame as a lamb.” Take this rainy day to come up with even more of these (good?) puns about Texel. Perhaps while enjoying a Texel wine, Texel gin tonic, Texel whiskey, or a Texel beer? Your jokes can only can better from that!

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