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Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean archipelago and the perfect destination for people who love history, culture, the sun, and the sea. So whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Malta has something for everyone. With these tips, you can make a holiday in Malta your best one yet!

Just for your information: the island of Malta is about the same size as Texel or Isle of Wight! This means you just have to find a nice hotel somewhere on the island, and from there, you can easily make day trips. In preparation for your trip, also read the practical tips about Malta.

Visit the capital Valletta

Valletta is the capital of Malta and the smallest capital in Europe. So everything is within walking distance. You will find several museums, beautiful buildings, and many restaurants and cafes in the city. You can immerse yourself in the Second World War, life in a monastery, or enjoy the beautiful views. Read what you can do in Valletta.

Discover the nightlife and restaurants of St Julian’s

St Julian’s is the bustling tourist heart of Malta. It is bursting with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Too much to discover in one night out. But there is more: for example, visit the harbor or follow the promenade and discover all the bays of St Julian’s. Find out more about what’s on in St Julian’s.

Take a Segway tour along the Dingli Cliffs

The cliffs of Dingli are picture-perfect. You can walk along the 12 kilometers of cliffs or discover the area by Segway. My first few minutes on the Segway are quite unstable, but after a while, I really enjoy it. During the tour, we make a few stops for the view and briefly visit the village of Dingli. Book your Segway tour here; there is also an option to go around sunset: this one.

Try a pastizzi

A pastizzi is a snack that they only know in Malta. It is actually a filled puff pastry snack. The filling is usually made from ricotta or peas. You can buy them for less than a euro at a pastizzeria.

Pastizzi Malta

Take a trip to Gozo

Did you know that Malta consists of three islands? Malta, Comino and Gozo. Malta is the largest island, then Gozo and then Comino. I have not visited Comino, so that’s why I recommend Gozo for a day trip – but Comino is probably also really cool. You can either join a tour or make the ferry crossing yourself. You can visit the Blue Hole, discover the capital city Victoria or do a wine tasting. Read more about a trip to Gozo.

Visit The Brewhouse Malta

If you like beer, The Brewhouse is a must-visit in Malta. This building used to be home to the Farsons Brewery. Now it has been completely renovated and houses creative workplaces, restaurants, and shops, with room for events.

For example, you can visit the Farsons Brewery Experience on the first floor. It is a museum where you learn everything about the Cisk beer. Cisk is THE beer of Malta. Afterward, go up to the top floor to taste one at The Cisk Tap. But even without a visit to Farsons, this is a great beer café and rooftop terrace.

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Water activities

In Malta, you can do all kinds of water activities. From very adventurous activities to wonderfully relaxed boat trips. So what are you up for?

Stroll through Sliema

Sliema is the coastal spot next to St Julian’s and immediately has a very different vibe. It gets quieter on the promenade as you get closer to Tigné Point. There are more than enough cafes and restaurants here, but it doesn’t have St Julian’s nightlife craze. So it is a bit quieter, although it never really gets quiet in Malta. The country is consistently in the top ten of the most populous countries in the world! In this article, I tell you what you can do in Sliema.

Admire the sunset at Singita

Singita is a relaxed beach club on the Riviera beach. A long staircase leads you to the beautiful bay. Right next to those stairs is Singita Miracle Beach: a chain with branches in Malta and Italy. When I walk in, I get a bit of Bali vibes. The DJ plays fantastic sunset tunes, and the entire staff gathers at the gong as soon as it is time for the sunset. The evening is ushered in with a few gong sounds. Do stick around for a delicious Mediterranean dinner!

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