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WHAT?!?! Rain in Ibiza? Exploring beautiful bays, visiting beach clubs, and sunbathing are a lot less fun when it rains. So what are you supposed to do then? Try these 11 tips for Ibiza when it rains.

Rainy days in Ibiza: things to do

Ibiza is not designed for a lot of rain. When it rains, it often rains heavily, and large puddles immediately appear on the street. The drainage system can’t handle all that water – I can almost swim through the road! It’s easier said than done not to get just a little bit depressed about a rainy day. But don’t worry: there isn’t much, but there is something to do when it rains. I’ll give you some practical tips for when it rains in Ibiza.

Wet streets in Ibiza town. Rain sucks.

1. Party all night, sleep all day

Let me start with a no-brainer. Find a good club and stay up late, really late. So late that it is actually early again. Grab a nice warm shower and sleep. Hopefully, it will have stopped raining when you wake up. Find out here which club on Ibiza is the best choice for you. When I buy my tickets for parties online, I prefer to do so at Ibiza Spotlight. They allow you to cancel your tickets and get a refund, which is helpful if your party friends are indecisive. Find the party calendar of Ibiza Spotlight here.

2. Road tripping on Ibiza

If it rains on one side of the island, it might be dry on the other side. I get into my rental car from Sunny Cars (another favorite is EasyTerra), and I decide to chase the sunshine. And yes, it is not tropical warm and sunny, but it is dry after half an hour’s drive! If you are not so lucky, then driving around without a specific destination is fun to do anyway. You might accidentally discover a local restaurant, a nice street, or a stunning view.

Rain on Ibiza, dry in the car - rain and wet road seen through a car window

3. Eating in Ibiza

Comfort food! Ibiza has many restaurants with excellent food. So take your time for an extensive lunch to hide from the rain at Amante or Aiyanna, for example. Check out my blog with top tips for restaurants on the island.

4. Catch a movie in Ibiza

The best movie options are, of course, the open-air cinemas, like Cinema Paradiso. But when it rains in Ibiza, those are not your best option. Fortunately, there are also a few indoor ones. In Ibiza town, you can go to MultiCines Ibiza, in San Antoni, there’s Cine Regio and in Santa Eulalia to Teatro Espaňa. Make sure you choose a movie with subtitles or one that is spoken in English.

5. Wine tasting in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there are several wineries, like Can Rich (which also makes olive oil), Ibizkus, Bodega Can Maymo, and Sa Cova. All offer a wine tasting with a tour. They take at least 1.5 to 2 hours, and with a nice glass of wine, you might forget all about the rain. I joined the Ibizkus, Can Rich, and Sa Cova wine tastings – find out which one I like the most.

Winetasting Ibizkus: outdoor seating

6. Spa visit in Ibiza

On a rainy day like this, it’s probably best to let yourself be pampered. What better place to do that than at a spa? The three best known are Hacienda Na Xamena, Agroturismo Atzaro, and Aguas de Ibiza. I try Atzaro, but unfortunately, there is no available spot for a massage when I get there (so call ahead!). But what a beautiful location it is! The garden, the restaurant, the swimming pools… Take a well-filled wallet with you.

High on my Ibiza bucket list is a visit to the Cascadas at Posidonia Spa (Hacienda Na Xamena). It is mainly intended for better weather: the cascadas are outdoor swimming pools with different temperatures and currents that flow into each other like waterfalls.

Would you like to spend a little less? Then check if Mandala has time for you.

Loving swimming pool at Atzaro: pool with the letters LOVE at the end

7. Diving in Ibiza

Underwater, you will not notice the rain! I get a little panicked when it comes to diving, but maybe it’s something you’d like to try. You can do an introductory dive on Ibiza. Book your dive via GetYourGuide.

8. Escape Room in Ibiza

Super popular in the Netherlands, so Ibiza cannot be left behind. Try an escape room with your friends or family when it rains. It takes about an hour unless you are very quick and intelligent – which you obviously are. You pay € 60 for two people, and each additional person is € 15 extra. Book your escape room here. Be sure to select the right language, otherwise you may never escape. 😉

9. Join a food tour

Between the rain showers, hop from deli to café and on to a restaurant. With Ibiza Food Tours, you will discover no fewer than five local eateries in Ibiza town. Snacks, drink… you forgot about the rain! You can book directly at Ibiza Food Tours or via Viator.

10. Go bowling in Ibiza

On Ibiza you can enjoy indoor bowling – it’s been ages since I’ve done that. Go to the bowling alleys of Friends Kitchen.

11. Visit a museum

Ibiza has a few museums. Most are pretty small, but certainly good for an hour of entertainment when it rains in Ibiza. In Ibiza town, for example, is the Museu Puget, where you can see work by the Ibizan artist Narcís Puget Viñas and his father in a 19th-century house. The Museo Arquelógico Ibiza y Formentera has locations in both Ibiza town and Puig des Molins.

12. Visit the cave Cova de Can Marçà

The Cova de Can Marçà is located in San Miguel. It’s an underground cave, and of course, it is dry. You have to go down the long stairs first, which is not much fun when it rains, but when the sun does shine: that view! That view!

A tour is included in the entrance fee of the Cova de Can Marçà. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to discover the cave by yourself. And while the guide has clearly already given the talk 1,000 times, it is still captivating. You will learn about stalagmites and stalactites and how smugglers used the cave in the past. The website is absolutely terrible, but luckily you can buy a ticket on the spot or at Get Your Guide.

More Ibiza inspiration?

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  • Boat. Get to Ibiza by boat from Barcelona or other places from the Spanish mainland. Book your boat trip at Balearia. Balearia also sails between the Balearic islands: Formentera, Menorca, and Mallorca. Please check if there are other options at Direct Ferries.
  • Car rental. My go-to car rental companies are EasyTerra and Sunny Cars as they have all-inclusive / worry-free offers. Discover Cars has a good comparison tool.
  • Clubbing. Buy your club tickets here.
  • Flights. Be sure to check out Transavia and Vueling, but do compare all your options! Be sure to check your options at Momondo, Skyscanner, and Kiwi.
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  • Money. Your debit and credit cards may not get accepted everywhere. You could opt for a Revolut card as an additional card when you travel. 
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  • SIM card. Beware of unexpectedly high calling and internet costs. Buy a local SIM card when you arrive, or arrange one online via Airalo.
  • Travel gear. Buy your gear at Bever or Decathlon, or simply at Bol.com.
  • Yoga retreat. Or, treat yourself to a lovely yoga retreat in Ibiza.

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First published: august 2015. The article has been updated since.

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