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As a vegetarian or vegan, you’re in luck in Koh Phangan. Especially in Sri Thanu, there is a lot of choice of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The vegetarian food in Thailand is so good that a carnivore will not even miss that piece of meat. These are my favorite vegetarian and vegan options in Sri Thanu in Koh Phangan.

During my yoga course in Koh Phangan, I am not allowed to eat or drink several things. No caffeine and no sugar, for example, but also no meat. I’m a little afraid of a monotonous diet for a month… nothing could be further from the truth. Vegetarian food, and even vegan food, is incredibly creative in Thailand. Especially in the Sri Thanu area in Koh Phangan, the kitchen is highly developed – partly because the hippie vibes are almost tangible here.

Restaurant tip 1: Eat.co

Eat.co is an absolute favorite with its open design and extensive menu. The tastiest smoothies, big salads, vegetarian burgers: you can go here any time of the day. Eat.co’s premise is that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy their food. That eating vegan doesn’t mean you get less taste. Mission accomplished. You order at the counter (with only sometimes friendly staff, unfortunately) and find a spot. There are also quite a few people just chilling under a fan with a book or behind their laptop. Eat.co also has a branch next to the ferry in Thong Sala.

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Restaurant tip 2: Art Café

The Art Café is hidden between many plants and trees. It feels a bit like a tree house, and it feels very welcoming. The staff greets me friendly and is always up for a chat when they bring my chai tea. It is a cozy café full of color-sorted books. The owners are Thai, and the woman volunteers at a nearby temple. They both think it is important to dedicate themselves to the local community. Therefore, they host regular local meetings in the Art Café, and the place is full of paintings and photos of local artists. The menu includes both vegetarian and vegan dishes. It’s not very extensive, but it’s tasty!

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Restaurant tip 3: Pure Vegan Heaven

The name Pure Vegan Heaven insinuates quite a bit. But really, it is a piece of vegan heaven. A lush garden, an oasis of peace, beautifully prepared healthy dishes… I’m a fan of Pure Vegan Heaven, and I’m taking my meat-loving best friend in tow to convince him. That’s actually super easy because everything on the menu sounds good: gluten-free pasta, smoothies, salads, and noodles. All ingredients are fresh, crunchy, and very tasty. Pure Vegan Heaven is a chain of vegan restaurants in Thailand, which can also be found in Phuket and Koh Samui, among others.

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Restaurant tip 4: Taboon

Taboon is a vegetarian restaurant with Middle Eastern cuisine. Hummus!!! They serve different types of pita bread, which is nice to try. Taboon is certainly not the cheapest option on the island. It’s also a good breakfast place. They open as early as 7 am and have a lot of variety of breakfast dishes. I choose a Big Israeli Breakfast (to share) and get so much food. Simple but tasteful. The food is mainly vegetarian, but there are also vegan options. There is an indoor area, or you can sit in the beautiful garden.

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Restaurant tip 5: Cookies Café

Cookies Café is a very popular café where everyone in Sri Thanu goes for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. It is an open café with a few outdoor seats where you melt away as soon as the sun comes up. In terms of decor, it is not very special; it is mainly the place’s popularity that invites you to take a look. The breakfast here is a bit meager. People on TripAdvisor are particularly enthusiastic about the croissants. There are also vegan options, but check with the staff.

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Cookies Cafe Koh Phangan

Restaurant tip 6: Orion Café

The Orion Café is one of those places where you lose track of time. Where you come for breakfast in the morning, grab another cup of chai tea or coffee and then order a smoothie or a piece of cake. But it really doesn’t matter what time of day you come to Orion Café, the lunch and dinner menus are just as good! You can eat vegan and raw. So also expect a lot of superfoods like maca powder, chia seeds, and more. It is beautifully situated by the sea, with nice chill spots by the water, and while you read a book, some people are practicing yoga right next to you. Both the food and the people are healthy here. 😉 It’s not cheap, by the way.

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Restaurant tip 7: Karma Café

The Karma Café is a wonderful place to relax with vegetarian and vegan food (and organic and gluten-free, you name it). Certainly not cheap, but you also pay for the ambiance and the nice seating area. There are benches in the front and dining tables in the second part. I tried many smoothies here while studying for my yoga exam. The lunch and dinner menus are creative, and the plates are beautifully presented. The staff are incredibly attentive and even knew my name after a few visits.

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Cheap vegan or vegetarian food in Koh Phangan

All of the options above come with a relatively high price tag. Definitely don’t expect Thai prices! If you want to eat vegetarian, it’s actually quite easy at regular Thai restaurants. Tofu is a well-known meat substitute, so you can enjoy Pad Thai almost anywhere, and the fresh spring rolls are also on nearly every menu. A popular Thai hotspot is Pum Pui. Every night people line up here, and rightly so. Everything is freshly made. They also serve meat and fish dishes.

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There are a few street food carts near the Evolve gym on Hin Kong Road in Sri Thanu. One of them sells samosas: the one with cheese and tomato is very good. Super fresh, crispy and juicy, and well seasoned. Ideal for a snack in between meals.

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