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Valldemossa is often praised as the ‘most beautiful village of Mallorca’. And damn, it is charming. The inhabitants decorate their already beautiful houses of golden-yellow natural stone with colorful plants. The steep, narrow streets invite you to get lost consciously, and there are a few lovely sights.

Training your calves on the steep streets

Valldemossa is about 30 minutes by car from Palma de Mallorca but has an entirely different vibe. It is the highest village on the island and is in the Tramuntana Mountains. The town is car-free, and you’d better leave your beautiful stiletto heels at home: the cobbled streets go up and down. Good for the calves. Even out of season, it is a popular place for a day trip. No wonder because a new lovely balcony, gable garden, or cute cat awaits on every street corner.

Check the weather!

Before heading out and discovering Valldemossa, please check the weather. Because the mountain village is so high, the weather here can be completely different than in other places in Mallorca. Who knows, you might still be sitting in the sun at an outdoor cafe while the rain in Valldemossa comes pouring down. Or vice versa, of course.

Protected by Catalina

Santa Catalina Thomas was born in the church of Valldemossa, in the Sant Bartomeu church. Catalina is the only saint ever born in Mallorca, and the village puts her in the spotlight. Many houses have a tile with an image of her; it’s said to protect the residents against evil. Every year on July 28, the village celebrates Catalina Thomas celebrates with, for example, a parade. So if you are on the island, it is worth heading to Valldemossa on that day.

Monastery Real Cartuja

The 14th-century abbey consists of a church (Iglesia dela Cartuja), a cloister, and an old pharmacy. Directly behind it is the pretty garden Jardins Rei Joan Carles. At one point, the monastery also had a famous guest: the composer Chopin. That’s why the monastery has now become a museum.

Jardins Rei Joan Carles Monastery Real Cartuja Valldemossa: view of the monastery through the garden

Frédéric Chopin in Valldemossa

The famous composer Frédéric Chopin spent a winter in the monastery in 1838/1839 with his partner George Sand (she’s a lady, by the way). Their stay was quite disappointing. The weather was not good (I hear ya, Frédéric, haha), Chopin’s piano did not arrive, and they did not integrate well with the village’s inhabitants. The stay resulted in this booklet by George – of course, you can buy it just about everywhere in Valldemossa. And, of course, there is a Chopin museum located in the monastery. You can admire an original piano, among other things. You will also find a few cafes and a small art gallery on this square.

Market in Valldemossa

Just like almost everywhere in Mallorca, there is a market in Valldemossa. For this, you have to come to the village on Sunday morning. You will find the daily groceries and many souvenirs.

Restaurants in Valldemossa

Since I am in Mallorca outside the tourist season, many cafes and restaurants in Valldemossa are closed. Everything I had on my list of restaurant tips is closed. That’s how I reluctantly end up at Cafe Bar Meriendas. What a horror. Please skip this one. It didn’t look promising to start with, but the food really is terrible —canned albondigas from the microwave, cheese with mold spots. The love for food is hard to find here; it’s shameless.

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Hiking around Valldemossa in Serra de Tramuntana

Valldemossa is located in the Tramuntana Mountains and is a perfect base for a leisurely walk or a challenging hike in nature. The Camí de s’Arxiduc hiking route, for example, is highly regarded. It should be beautiful and exciting because you’re walking along a cliff. But anyone who thinks of walking this route just like that (me) will be disappointed (again me). The walking trail is not freely accessible. You have to make a reservation in advance. And you do that here. You can find more walking routes via Kamoot.

Visit an olive grove and taste olive oil

If you drive from Valldemossa to Deià, you will come across the Son Moragues estate. Just on the outskirts of Valldemossa, in the Tramuntana Mountains. Long ago, it was in the hands of the Moragues family, the estate fell into disrepair, and now hard work is being done to put the land to good use. There are about 8,000 olive trees, so you understand: olive oil is made here. Want to learn more about the estate, olive oil production, and the area’s history? Then book a tour at Son Moragues.

Parking in Valldemossa

You have to pay for parking everywhere in Valldemossa. Sorry to disappoint! And because it is such a small village, finding a parking spot can be pretty difficult. Give it a try at this paid parking lot.

The best hotels in Valldemossa

I am a daytripper, but Valldemossa has many friendly sleeping options. If you stay overnight, you also have the advantage of having the village to yourself in the morning. Before the tourist horde arrives. And in the evening, the daytrippers are, of course, gone. So well worth it. Check out these accommodations in Valldemossa:

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