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Ibiza seems to be getting more popular by the day. And rightly so, because it is a wonderful island with much more to experience than dancing in the clubs. So in preparation for your holiday: a blog with helpful Ibiza tips and fun to do’s.

Tip 1 – Gallop through the mountains

In the north of the island lies the valley of Ibiza Horse Valley. The owners rescue horses from neglect and abuse and allow them to live together in a herd. You can go on a beautiful horseback ride through the mountains with them. Enjoy the personal explanation and approach of the founders of Ibiza Horse Valley. This is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your holiday.

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Tip 2 – Visit the best restaurants

You can eat and eat and eat and eat on Ibiza. Whether you want fancy sushi, dine at sunset, have lunch among the locals, need a vitamin bomb, or just a fatty burger: it’s all there. The list of dining options is endless. So bring your appetite and come back next year to enjoy everything you missed out on.

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Tip 3 – Admire the sunset

On the west side of Ibiza, you are treated to the most beautiful sunsets every day. So find a nice spot: at an outdoor cafe or bring your own drink.

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Tip 4 – Get sporty on the water

You get the best tan on the water, right? Great! Then you’ve come to the right island. I’ve been on the water twice with Anfibios. Once with the kayak and once with a SUP board. Both are very recommendable. But if I had to choose: go for the kayak. You’ll cover more ground (or water) in the same time, and you get to see more.

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Tip 5 – Downwards facing dog with ocean view

With a rich hippie culture, it is not surprising that there is a wide range of yoga classes on Ibiza. At the popular Amante, you can take a lesson and then have breakfast. The location is fantastic, the breakfast deliciously healthy, the teacher is experienced, but… it’s just not a convenient place for yoga. The umbrellas do not offer enough shade during the lesson. That means (especially in high season) that you will sweat at the slightest movement. If you’re into yoga, try the morning program of One Day Retreat. Very zen.

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Tip 6 – Active tours and excursions

Want to get moving? There are all kinds of active tours and excursions that you can join. From an easy walk to water sports and more. So grab the bike, get on a horse or ride a quad. Enough adventures to experience!

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Tip 7 – Go wine tasting

Did you know they make wine on Ibiza? Every now and then, you see an Ibizan wine on the menu in a restaurant. Be sure to try one! Or just go to one of the wineries and join a wine tasting and tour.

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Tip 8 – Visit a hippy market

Ibiza’s hippy markets are famous. When holidaying on Ibiza, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to one of the hippy markets. In high season, be prepared for large crowds at the more popular hippy markets.

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Tip 9- Hunting for Atlantis

Atlantis is a sunken city. It is an impressive rock formation with natural swimming pools. It’s super relaxed, but getting there takes some effort. Atlantis is a well-kept secret and hard to find.

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Tip 10 – Save a few euros

Life on Ibiza is not exactly cheap. So let’s see where you can save a bit. Because yes, there are certainly opportunities to keep your money in your wallet when you’re on the island. Also, it’s wise to keep an eye on the ticket prices in advance or book alast-minute Ibiza.

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Tip 11 – Rent a car in Ibiza

Holidaying on Ibiza requires a rental car if you want to visit all the delicious restaurants, beautiful bays, and hippie markets. Then you simply have to rent a car. I have rented a car on Ibiza several times, and I now always end up at Sunny Cars. The advantage of Sunny Cars is that they have an office at the airport. Many other rental companies are a bit further away, which means that you have to get there by shuttle bus. A waste of your time.

Rent your car at Sunny Cars.

Tip 12 – Discover the secrets of Sa Caleta

The beach of Sa Caleta (Es Bol Nou) is not just any nice bay. A few surprises are waiting for you. How about war bunkers and a secret tunnel?

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Tip 13 – Beachbumming

Sunscreen: check. Parasol: check. Magazine: check. Now decide which beach to check. I recommend renting a car and following the coastline. Make a stop at a beach every now and then and discover which beach you like best.

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Tip 14 – Escape the crowds

If you want to feel alone in the world or looking for some off-the-beaten-path options on Ibiza, there are definitely options. How about the sunken city of Atlantis? Or a view of Es Vedra from another side?

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Tip 15 – Dance the night (or day) away in the clubs

Ibiza is known (or infamous) for its party scene. In the summer season, famous DJs play in the big clubs. You can literally go out every day and night. If you can handle it, that is. Every club has its own character and vibe, and no evening is the same. So pay close attention to which DJ is playing and what party is on.

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Order your club tickets here.

Tip 16 – Rain! Nooooooo!

The weather is fantastic back home. Facebook and Instagram are full of sunny photos of cozy outdoor cafes and crowded beaches. And you are on Ibiza. Where it rains. Exactly when you traded your typically rainy country for sunny Ibiza. Aaarggghh! The world is unfair. But let’s try to make the best of it.

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Tip 17 – Discover the island on a quad

The landscape of Ibiza is perfect for a challenging exploration. I like to go on a tour so that I’m sure to follow a scenic route (and not get lost).

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Tip 18 – Visit Ibiza’s little sister

Formentera is just a short boat trip away. A lovely island to discover by scooter or bicycle. Much quieter than Ibiza, so perfect for escaping the large tourist crowds.

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Tip 19 – Go for a walk on Ibiza

Ibiza has beautiful landscapes for hiking. And you really don’t have to spend hours doing so either. There are plenty of nice, shorter hikes on Ibiza that only last an hour or so. This way, you feel that you have done something, and you have an excellent excuse to plop on the beach again.

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Tip 20 – Visit the alpaca farm

Ibiza has an alpaca farm! A Belgian couple makes their dream come true with their alpacas and weaving. And you can enjoy the alpacas too! You can visit the farm on request, and then you get a guided tour for an hour.

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Tip 21 – Looking for graffiti on the island

You can admire graffiti in various places on the island. Simply on a wall, but also in a hotel ruin or an abandoned club. So even if the graffiti isn’t impressive, the locations are.

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More Ibiza inspiration?

If you’re looking for more tips about Ibiza, check out this overview. I’ve written quite a bit about this gorgeous island! If you want to get yourself an offline travel guide, you could check Bol.com, Amazon, or Book Depository.

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