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The beach of Sa Caleta also called Es Bol Nou, is unique. It has a secret tunnel with fantastic views of the bay, hidden war bunkers, AND ancient ruins. Make sure you visit this gem when you’re on Ibiza.

The Sa Caleta / Es Bol Nou beach (Google Maps location) in itself is just a tiny strip of beach. Due to its beautiful location between the red-orange cliffs, it is very popular. It can get bustling in the high season. Although I really think it’s gorgeous, I’m not a big fan of spending an entire beach day here. I’m constantly sweating and puffing because there is hardly any wind. For me, Ibiza’s Sa Caleta beach is a bit too hot – crowd and temperature-wise.

But despite that, I do like to go to Sa Caleta. First, because of the Sa Caleta restaurant. You simply bump into it from the parking lot. The outdoor seating area is a perfect spot for lunch. The menu lists traditional Spanish dishes in all languages. Fish is always a good choice, I would say. Order a pitcher of sangria, and you’ll never want to leave. But there are more reasons why I love going to Sa Caleta …

Bunkers of Sa Caleta

Follow the sandy path up the rocks past the restaurant. So do not – yet – descend to the beach. Between the rocks and on the cliff, you will discover the secret sights of Sa Caleta. Follow the path, and you will walk towards the war bunker and an anti-aircraft gun from 1940. During the Second World War, their job was to protect the coasts of Ibiza. They (thankfully) never saw any serious action.

People have sprayed the remains with graffiti. Sometimes fun and colorful, sometimes just ugly tags. It’s OK to enter the bunkers if you’d like. Inside it is pretty dark, and the floor is littered with empty bottles and other garbage. Usually, you have the empire to yourself because it’s a bit of an off-the-beaten-track spot. The combination of graffiti, abandoned bunkers, dry ground, intoxicating heat, and silence give this part of Ibiza an edgy, raw vibe.

The ruins of Sa Caleta

Continue your walk, and you will find the ruins of a Phoenician settlement. OK, I don’t have a clue what or who they were, but at least the ruins are old. Very old. The settlement was founded about 8 centuries before Christ and probably abandoned about two centuries later. The remains are enclosed by a fence, so they can only be viewed from a distance.

historische nederzetting Es Bol Nou - lage muren van steen omheind met een hek

You have a beautiful view of the Sa Caleta bay with fishermen’s houses just past the ruins.

The tunnel of Sa Caleta

Finally, you walk back towards the Sa Caleta restaurant, but you climb up once you pass the abandoned building on your left. You will see the tunnel on your right. It is a kind of gap between the rocks that you can easily walkthrough. That alone is nice, but the view over the bay of Sa Caleta is the real surprise. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. That terracotta color against that clear blue water, wow!

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