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Latest update: 16 February 2024

Eating. It’s one of the most important activities when you’re on holiday, right? Choosing a restaurant is always tricky, so that’s why I list the restaurants that I like on Ibiza. And also the ones I didn’t like so that you can skip them!

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Sunset Ashram (Cala Conta)

The beach of Cala Conta is always packed, especially in the high season. The water is beautifully blue here, and you can eat well at Sunset Ashram. According to the restaurant itself, it has the most beautiful sunset on Ibiza. The menu is a crazy combination of Mediterranean, sushi, and Indian. The menu is a crazy combination of Mediterranean, sushi, and Indian.

Address restaurant Sunset Ashram: Carr. the Cala Conta (Google Maps)

Chiringuito Cala Escondida (Cala Comte)

On the beach of Cala Comte, I have been tempted to visit Sunset Ashram a few times already. I’m a fan, but because of that, I completely overlooked Chiringuito Cala Escondida. This small beach bar appears in the summer months just a little from the Sunset Ashram at a beach calledEs racó d’en Xic (popular among nudists, by the way).

This chiringuito is completely ecological (from eco-toilet to solar panels) and serves simple Spanish dishes: incredibly delicious with an ice-cold pitcher of sangria. Around sunset, it gets bustling. Sometimes they even have live music. Love it! Be on time, because they don’t take reservations. And bring cash, because you can’t pay with your credit card.

Address Chiringuito Cala Escondida: Carretera de Comte, Cala Comte (Google Maps)

Aiyanna (Cala Nova)

On the other side of the beautiful Cala Nova beach is Aiyanna. This brightly colored beach club is a relatively new addition to Ibiza (2017). The Amante team is behind this fine place. The food here is good; the sangria is delicious. There used to be a simple restaurant here where you could eat a burger and fries – those days are gone. I love the setup: the colorful umbrellas, the trendy staff clothing, a small art gallery, even the water taps in the bathrooms are noteworthy here. You will definitely see me again at Aiyanna.

Address restaurant Aiyanna: Avinguda Cala Nova (Google Maps)

Chiringay (Es Cavallet)

The beach bar Chiringay is located on the long stretched Es Cavallet beach. The name of the bar gives away the sexual preference of most beachgoers here. Chiringay is a simple beach bar with handsome waiters. The atmosphere is friendly, guests and waiters are chatting, and the food is good. Since there are no menu prices mentioned anywhere, I am a bit scared about the bill. But luckily, it’s not that bad – it’s a shame I didn’t dare order that extra glass of white wine because it tasted so good. Fifty euros for two lunch dishes, a glass of wine and a glass of prosecco, still not cheap, of course. But it’s Ibiza, right?

Address beach club Chiringay: Playa des Cavallet, 07818 (Google Maps)

Alma Sunset (Es Torrent)

At Alma Sunset, you can enjoy fine food on the beach Es Port d’Es Torrent. A sun-drenched terrace during the day, and in the evening, there’s a gentle sea breeze. Have lunch here, enjoy the sunbeds, and roll into the night. Often a DJ or dancer puts on a show. If you grab a bite here, you can use the sun loungers for free. The decor is modern. The food is on the pricey side, especially if you just come for a quick lunch during your beach day. The beach bar on the other side of the beach is from the same owner: Alma Eat is Life.

Address restaurant Alma Sunset: Port des Torrent (Google Maps)

Update 2023: Alma Sunset is now called Tigre Morado, I’m not sure if it’s just a name change.

TRUE (Es Torrent)

TRUE is a new addition to Ibiza (2019). It’s close to the apartment complex where I often stay, and my travel partner and I just want to fill our stomachs quickly. Unfortunately, we are actually not that hungry after a huge lunch earlier in the day. And what a pity that is! The owners work at the restaurant themselves and take excellent care of us. There are many mouthwatering options on the menu, and we would love to eat more, but our stomachs aren’t big enough. From the outside exterior of TRUE, we did not expect such a nice, loving place. We will definitely come back.

Address restaurant TRUE: Carrer Biscaia 8 (Google Maps)

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Ibosim Brewhouse (Es Torrent)

Ok, this is actually not a restaurant, but I still put it on the list because I have not found a beer cafe or brewery anywhere else in Ibiza. Ibosim is only open in the evenings, and then of course you drink beer. One beer equals two sandwiches, we say in the Netherlands. The beers are made here in the Ibosim brewhouse, so you also have the chance to taste a new sample. For only € 6,50 you can taste three different beers.

Address Ibosim: Carrer València 4, Es Torrent (Google Maps)

Can Terra (Ibiza town)

Can Terra is hidden in a side street of Ibiza town. It’s a fantastic tapas bar. In the evening, the bar is full of pinchos: small snacks on a piece of bread. You can just take them, and when you leave, you pay per stick. So be fair and keep your sticks, ok? The Ibizans also like to come here, and around eight o’clock, it is already jam-packed. So make sure you arrive on time. Nowadays, there is also a Can Terra branch at the airport. Less atmospheric, just as tasty.

Address restaurant Can Terra: Avinguda d’Ignasi Wallis 4 (Google Maps)

Pinchos Can Terra Ibiza: plate with several pinchos

Tip! Too many choices in Ibiza Town? I hear ya. You might like to try several foodie spots, so join Ibiza Food Tours on a guided tour. Book via GetYourGuide or Viator.

HANA (Ibiza town)

I wanted to eat at HANA because of the live music. But, oops, that’s only on weekends. During the week, you can “only” eat crazy good food. HANA is located in Ibiza Town, a bit more on the outside of the center. It’s a small restaurant with big flavors. Each plate has been put together with so much attention. There are many dishes with fish and plenty of choice for vegetarians. Truly a hidden gem.

Address restaurant HANA: Carles III, 21 (Google Maps)

Amorino (Ibiza town)

You can find the best ice cream on Ibiza at Amorino. The ice cream had even been voted the best ice cream in Spain in 2019. And it is so pretty! For an extra euro, you get a macaron on top. There is often a line, so make your move if there isn’t one. Or just join the queue. I promise you it’s worth it.

Address Amorino: Carrer Lluís Tur i Palau 3 (Google Maps)

Amorino ice cream - happy Kim with sunglasses on her head and multicolored ice cream with a macaron in her hand

Massa Coffee (Ibiza town)

Massa Coffee is the perfect place for a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch. Obviously, they serve good coffee here, and you could just stick to a chocolate roll or a croissant. But Massa also has tasty sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and smoothie bowls. Good luck choosing.

Address restaurant Massa Coffee: Paseo Juan Carlos I 39 (Google Maps)

Bai Bai Eivissa (Ibiza Town)

Bai Bai is a lovely tapas restaurant in Ibiza town. It is in the harbor, almost at the end. So walk past all the touristy restaurants where the employees try to lure you in with free shots. It is always packed with both tourists and locals. The service does not always speak English – which I like. It is a simple restaurant where you spend long nights eating and drinking. There is a good chance that you will have to stand in line for a table.

Address restaurant Bai Bai Eivissa: Plaça de sa Riba 9, Ibiza Town (Google Maps)

Croissant Chic (Jesus)

For a quick stop and a quick coffee Croissant Chic in Jesus is perfect. The croissants are good (how could it be otherwise with such a name), but you can also get other breakfast dishes. I am not too excited about the cappuccino, but the Spaniards don’t really know how to make those anyway – in my opinion. But… the locals seem to gather on the terrace next door (Babarey) and the tourists at Croissant Chic. So you might want to pay the neighbors a visit too.

Address Croissant Chic: PMV-810-1, 07819 Can Sire (Google Maps)

Croissant Chic Ibiza

Passion (Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza town and more)

Healthy juices, good coffee, and tasty cakes and sandwiches. Sound good? Then go to one of the Passion branches. Croatian Lana has put her healthy cafe on the map in just a few years and has opened several branches on the island. The emphasis is on vegan and organic food. This is where you get your vitamin boost this holiday!

Address restaurant Passion: onder andere Avenida Playa den Bossa (Google Maps)

Los Enamorados (Portinatx)

In the north of Ibiza, you’ll find boutique hotel and restaurant Los Enamorados. It’s directly on the bay, so a beautiful sunset is guaranteed. Once I enter the place, I immediately feel relaxed. And I want to explore because there are colorful details everywhere. The lunch is just perfect with several dishes to share, tasty cocktails, and a view over the bay. Breakfast is equally as good. If you want to lunch or dine at Los Enamorados, please make a reservation as it’s quite a drive, and you want to be sure of a seat.

Address restaurant Los Enamorados: Ctra. Vénda de Portinatx 103, Portinatx (Google Maps

The Skinny Kitchen (San Antoni)

I prefer to avoid San Antoni. I think it’s terrible: too many drunks, too touristy, ugly beach. However, I join a quad tour, and unfortunately, it starts in San Antoni. Because the tour lasts three hours, I want to eat something first, and I actually find a gem. The Skinny Kitchen is a small place between the pubs where tourists have started drinking in the early morning. At the Skinny Kitchen, everything is freshly made, and in fact, all options are equally healthy and tasty. And not unimportant: the girl behind the counter is super friendly!

Address restaurant The Skinny Kitchen: Passeig de la Mar 20 (Google Maps)

El Hostal La Torre (San Antoni)

Hello, sunset! Hostal La Torre is one of the best places on Ibiza to watch the sunset with a snack and a drink. And that’s why I take the mediocre service for granted – the service staff seems too busy to smile – although they are much more friendly when the place isn’t packed, I must say. Hostal La Torre is located in the countryside, and in front of the terrace is a massive rock formation where you can sit at a table or just on the rocks themselves. Unfortunately, the terrace seats are for the diners only – make sure to book on time.

There is no service on the rocks, so you order your drink at the bar. You can also order a snack, but you get this in a cheap plastic container. For the price you pay, this feels a bit like a rip-off, even though it’s really, really tasty. You can also take a seat at the standing tables for a drink, but it can quickly get overcrowded because it is such a popular place.

Address restaurant El Hostal La Torre: Ctra. Cap Negret 2 (Google Maps)

Tip! It is worth checking The Fork to see if the restaurants happen to have a promotion. There is a good chance of a delicious dinner at a slightly lower price, especially in the early and late season.

Pikes (Sant Antoni)

Do you know the Club Tropicana song by Wham!? That was recorded in Ibiza, at Pikes, to be precise. That fact alone made me want to go to Pikes. I was hoping for a sun-drenched, fun-filled day to imitate the pool scene from the clip, but alas, it was raining. But, having lunch at the restaurant wasn’t all that bad either. LoveFoodIbiza provides a healthy lunch, and in the evening, Pamela’s serves dinner. I find all those different brands somewhat confusing but just go with the flow because lunch is worth it. Afterward, be sure to tour the site because funny details can be found everywhere: from crocodiles eating sheep to rubber ducks in the pool. By the way, Pikes also organizes parties and is a hotel.

Address Pikes: Camí de Sa Vorera, S/N, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany (Google Maps)

Bam-Bu-Ku (Sant Antoni)

Not so long ago, the Surf Lounge was located on the site of Bam-Bu-Ku. An easy-going bar with a FlowRider: a kind of wild watercourse for surfing and bodyboarding. That FlowRider is still the original one at Bam-Bu-Ku, but everything else has been completely updated. And it does look amazing! Cheerful colors, many plants, a lovely swimming pool, and a beautiful restaurant. Because I’m there in the preseason, it’s nice and quiet, but I can imagine it gets busy here in the middle of summer. Bam-Bu-Ku is a kid-friendly beach club, so keep that in mind (nice if you have kids, less so if you don’t). The menu is very diverse (tacos, pizzas, burgers, salads, etc.), and I think it’s a great place for lunch. Nice to combine with an hour or so of chilling at the swimming pool. Very friendly service, by the way.

Address beach club Bam-Bu-Ku: Carrer des Molí, 10, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany (Google Maps)

Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta (San Antoni)

Wow, what a beautiful spot this is! The chiringuito of Cala Gracioneta is such a beautiful oasis with a lovely beach directly in front of it. An overcrowded beach, but you have to take a short nap after a three-course lunch, right? So it’s perfect. If you want a beach bed, you must spend at least 150 euros in the restaurant. Chiringuito Cala Garcioneta is a very hip place with bohemian vibes. The service couldn’t be more attentive; everything is taken care of. It is definitely pricey, but it is also delicious. For example, we pay 54 euros for sangria – but it’s a giant pitcher that we struggle to finish. You should definitely make a reservation here because they will reserve a parking space for you.

Address restaurant chiringuito Cala Gracioneta: Carrer a Grasio 5, San Antoni (Google Maps)

La Paloma (San Lorenzo)

La Paloma is becoming more and more famous among Dutch Ibiza lovers. It is a family restaurant where the service is very chill and relaxed. That does mean that mistakes are made here and there, but they are soon forgiven when you take in the views of the beautiful garden with fruit trees. I can easily imagine myself in the Italian countryside. In the garden, the family also grows products that end up on your plate. A lot of what is on the menu is home-made, including the cheese. So fresh!

Address restaurant La Paloma: Carrer Can Pou 4 (Google Maps)

Bambuddha Grove (Santa Eulària des Riu)

Eating at Bambuddha Grove is an experience. Seen from the road, it is an ugly building; as soon as I walk in, my mouth falls open. Did I end up in Bali? The decoration is beautiful: lots of greenery, bamboo, and Buddhas. The cuisine is Asian. I recommend trying the tasting menu. You have to dig into your pockets (tasting menu, cocktails, wine, and tip for two people: 200 euros), but everything you get served is seriously delicious. The staff will pamper you, and you can even get a shoulder massage at the table. Or sneak into the erotic shop by the toilet if you get the chance. Book in advance!

Address restaurant Bambuddha: Carrer de Sant Joan, Km 8.5 (Google Maps)

Ses Ecoles (Santa Eulària des Riu)

Just past Bambuddha is Ses Ecoles. This restaurant is located in a former school building. If the weather permits, eat in the courtyard garden. Ses Ecoles is known for pure countryside food. So think of a tender chicken leg or a large leg of lamb. Although I genuinely enjoy the food, I have a bit of trouble describing the style of the restaurant. On the one hand, it is robust with stone walls; on the other, the tables are elegantly laid. One plate is finely composed; the other plate has an effortless appearance (so simple that I don’t even take a picture). What I find a pity is that the service at the end of the evening already starts to clear everything while there are still people eating. I feel a bit in the kicker seat but with a well-filled stomach.

Address restaurant Ses Ecoles: Ctra. Vella de Portinatx (Google Maps)

Soulgood (Santa Eulària des Riu)

Soulgood is located on the beautiful beach, Niu Blau. It is a bit up the rocks, so you have a fantastic view of the beach and the bay. It’s a simple beach bar where you’ll be treated to Bob Marley and reggae vibes. The menu includes tasty sandwiches, salads, and an extensive range of cocktails. Start your morning slowly with a cup of coffee, or come a little later for lunch or a drink.

Address restaurant Soulgood: Camí Haya 6 (Google Maps)

Casa Kica (Santa Eularia des Riu)

Casa Kica is a furniture store and restaurant. You can buy furniture but also accessories. A bit on the pricey side, but still lovely to look around while you’re there. A beautiful courtyard garden is hidden on the side of the building. It is a spacious garden with colorful cushions and wooden fish on the table, wonderfully covered by the trees. This is a great place to catch your breath on a hot day. I come for a delicious cappuccino with a local pastry, but make a note of this restaurant for lunch or dinner too!

Address restaurant Casa Kica: Diseminado P 10 Sta Eulalia 1 (Google Maps)

Nagai (Santa Eulària des Riu)

For sushi and sashimi, you have to go to Nagai. Nagai, a feast for the senses, serves fusion and Japanese food and has a fantastic cocktail bar. On a warm summer evening, the courtyard terrace is excellent for dining. Nagai is typically Ibizan chic and also on the pricey side. But, for that price, you get pampered and have a wonderful evening out.

Address restaurant Nagai: Carrer de Sant Joan (Google Maps)

Amante (Santa Eulària des Riu)

Amante is located on a beautiful bay – it is one of the most beautiful restaurants with a sea view on Ibiza. The kitchen of this chic beach club serves Mediterranean food. It’s pricey but thankfully worth it. Because of the view, I would mainly go here for lunch, although it is probably also gorgeous in the evening. Amante also organizes movie nights and yoga classes. Check this blog to discover what yoga is like at Amante.

Address restaurant Amante: Cala Sol d’en Serra Calle Afueras (Google Maps)

Project Social (Santa Eularia)

Project Social is a friendly, slightly alternative place in Santa Eularia. The restaurants’ design is fantastic: you will find something surprising everywhere, from picture frames to bird cages. Burgers are the specialty here, and they are tasty! You can, of course, choose a regular cheeseburger, but there are so many exciting options here with mango or with manchego or with tapenade… So it is difficult to choose. There is even plenty of vegetarian choice. If you order the Tourist Burger, 50 cents will go to Food for Ibiza, an organization supporting people living in poverty on Ibiza.

Address restaurant Project Social: Carrer de Sant Llorenç, 22, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu (Google Maps)

Bar Costa (Santa Gertrudis)

Bar Costa is located on a cozy square in Santa Gertrudis. The place is popular: everyone is keen on a spot outside, but luckily there is also a lot of space inside. Many paintings hang inside because in the past if you had no money, you could get food in exchange for a painting. Maybe that’s still worth a try? Bar Costa is known as the place to eat Iberico ham: here you will find the best on the island. Add a beer, maybe a sandwich, and you’ve got yourself a great lunch for a reasonable price. You pay less than 1.50 for a glass of wine. Let’s order another round!

Address restaurant Bar Costa: Plaça de l’Església, Santa Gertrudis (Google Maps)

Wild Beets (Santa Gertrudis)

Wild Beets is a hip raw and vegan restaurant that has been around for years—the perfect place to start the morning with a healthy breakfast. Try a chia pudding, an acai bowl, or avocado toast. You certainly don’t need to book early in the morning, but it does fill up quickly. There is a small terrace with large tables to share with others and inside you can sit at a private table if you prefer.

Address restaurant Wild Beets: Carrer Venda de Can Llàtzer 9, Santa Gertrudis (Google Maps)

Musset Cafe (Santa Gertrudis)

Settle down on the sunny terrace of Musset Café and wait for the service. Unfortunately, that can take a while, and I have met friendlier people. But the coffee and cakes beckon, so I take it for granted. The menu also includes healthy breakfasts, and you can enjoy a lunch with tacos, burgers, and poke bowls. A parrot flies around the terrace, and inside, the floor is partly made of glass so that you seem to be walking on a coral floor.

Address restaurant Musset Café: Carrer Venda de sa Picassa 2, Santa Gertrudis (Google Maps)

Overall (Santa Gertrudis)

Ok, it’s pricey, but wow, those flavors! Overall opened in 2021; the name refers to the one-piece garment because the owners see the restaurant as food and drink workshop. That means almost everything here is homemade, homegrown, home-smoked, home fermented, and so on. All liqueurs, all juices, all vegetables – all ingredients, really. The cocktails are specially designed for you, and the dishes are all unique. So many restaurants claim to offer an experience; here, it really is like that.

Address restaurant Overall: Passeig de Santa Gertrudis n11, Santa Gertrudis (Google Maps)

nº74 L’atelier Ibiza (Santa Gertrudis)

Get your healthy breakfast or lunch at nº74 L’atelier Ibiza. The spacious outdoor area provides a wonderfully relaxed way to start your day. The garden area is cozy with many yellow details and some plants. The pancakes are super yummy. nº74 L’atelier Ibiza also has a shop and an actual atelier in the back where they organize workshops. I joined the incense workshop – here’s my blog about it.

Address restaurant nº74 L’atelier Ibiza: Venda de Fruitera, n°4, Santa Gertrudis (Google Maps)

Bar Anita (Sant Carles)

This is authentic Ibiza. At Bar Anita, you can sit down for a simple meal or a delicious aperitif with tapas. It’s chaos, and the staff is running around all the time; that’s exactly the charm. The restaurant is decorated with old trinkets and typical paintings. The spots on the outside terrace are especially popular, but luck has to be on your side to grab one.

Address restaurant Bar Anita: Lugar Barri San Carlos (Google Maps)

The Giri Café (Sant Joan)

Almost all lunch guests in The Giri Café are Dutch when I’m there. Why? Perhaps the restaurant is just super well promoted among Dutch holidaymakers. I understand the appeal: the interior is very soothing with lots of wood, and outside you sit in a lovely garden. Expect Mediterranean dishes at The Giri. The lunch is delicious and fresh, but honestly: the portion could be a bit bigger.

Address restaurant The Giri Café: Calle Principal 3-5 (Google Maps)

Can Tixedo (Sant Jordi)

Can Tixedo is located at a fairly remote intersection in Sant Jordi. You must have some inside information to find it because you don’t end up there by accident. There is a reasonably large terrace where you can enjoy tapas-like dishes in a relaxed manner. All tapas is home-made. The service is quick and cheerful. And what I also like: the Spaniards themselves come here to eat. No tourist trap!

Address restaurant Can Tixedo: Ctra. Santa Inés Km 5 . Forada (Google Maps)

Sa Caleta (Sant Jordi)

Sa Caleta is a restaurant where I have had lunch several times. It is reasonably priced and is located on the beautiful Es Bol Nou / Sa Caleta beach with high red rocks. The beach is almost unbearable on a hot day – the heat is suffocating. Cooling off with a glass (or pitcher) of sangria at Sa Caleta is fantastic. The dishes are traditional Spanish, and I am very enthusiastic about the chicory salad. That doesn’t sound that legendary at all, but it’s so lovely and fresh and spicy, thanks to the Roquefort and the figs.

Address restaurant Sa Caleta: Platja d’es Bol Nou (Google Maps)

La Sardina Loca (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

Pay attention on the main road towards Cala Carbo: on the left, under a SPAR supermarket, is La Sardina Loca. I highly recommended it for lunch. For 12 euros you get a three-course lunch. With each course, you have the choice of two options. The portions are generous and tasty. Don’t expect culinary highlights, just good food. The service mainly speaks Spanish, so use your hands and feet to make clear what you want. La Sardina Loca is a fantastic budget option.

Address restaurant La Sardina Loca: Camí Cala Carbó 6 (Google Maps)

Cool Cafe (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

Tourists and Spaniards start the day at the Cool Cafe. Whether it’s early in the morning or early in the afternoon, it doesn’t matter. The vibe feels very Spanish: the staff yell at each other (friendly though) and have endless conversations with friends, acquaintances, and regulars. Not a word of English is spoken. You order at the bar, where you are tempted to treat yourself to a homemade, sweet delicacy. The menu is simple but filling. Just right to start your day.

Address Cool Cafe: Carrer des Caló 23 (Google Maps)

La Mesa d’Es Vedrà (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

In Hotel Petunia you will find the restaurant La Mesa d’Es Vedrà, formerly La Mesa Escondida – that’s when I visited it. I don’t usually eat in hotels where I’m not staying, but the promised view of Es Vedra won me over. And admittedly: the scenery is beautiful, but Es Vedra is really very far away. Fortunately, the courtyard garden with the swimming pool of Hotel Petunia is also beautiful. The food is very good, but the portions are tiny. The main course on the lunch menu, for example, I feel it’s starter-sized. And unfortunately, the service is really slow. We are the only guests, so they should be faster. Honestly, I’ve doubted putting this restaurant on the to-skip list, but it wasn’t that bad. The food was good, the view beautiful, but I wouldn’t detour for it. Maybe just pop in for a drink if you’re in the area?

Address restaurant La Mesa d’Es Vedrà: Carrer de Sa Pala Marina, 07830 (Google Maps)

Kumharas (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

Kumharas is one of my favorite laid-back, affordable options for a simple meal without paying premium prices. Bonus: you get a beautiful sunset for free. A bottle of wine costs about 23 euros, and there is a kind of takeaway concept for food. It’s called the Asian Corner, where I pay 26 euros for two portions of rice with tiki masala and naan bread. There is regular live music, and the atmosphere is relaxed. So you can go this way from the beach, but dressing up is also allowed!

Address Kumharas: Carrer de Lugo, 2, 07829 Sant Josep de sa Talaia (Google Maps)

Sa Soca (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

Sa Soca is a lovely family restaurant. The owner cheerfully welcomes me as if I were a regular guest and takes the time to explain the menu himself. I am intolerant of some foods, and he makes sure that my dishes are prepared slightly differently. The food here is local, unadorned —huge portions, simple flavors, and very affordable. You dine outside, but the area is covered by trees and a rooftop, you’ll be overlooking the garden of the family.

Address restaurant Sa Soca: Carretera de Sant Josep a Sant Antoni, 07829 Sant Josep de sa Talaia (Google Maps)

Can Bass (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia)

If you want to eat out in a nice place but don’t want to pay the top price, Can Bass is the place to be. It is a huge restaurant, but because there are all different areas, it does feel cozy. I had a lovely meal and laughed a lot with AND at the waiter. I think it was his first day because everything that could go wrong went wrong —forgetting drinks, knocking over glasses, not serving starters at once, not understanding orders. I hope he’s doing better by now. What I did find a pity is that the dishes followed each other extremely quickly. We deliberately took a long time eating those last few bites to prevent the next dish from arriving.

Address restaurant Can Bass: kilometro 7,5 carretera Ibiza a, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia (Google Maps)

Aubergine (Sant Miquel)

You should visit Restaurant Aubergine on a nice warm day – like many restaurants in Ibiza. You eat in the garden, and I can tell you that I was delighted with the blankets they handed out in the preseason. Such a good service. The garden is gorgeous. You eat between the lemon trees, and everything is tastefully decorated. Our main courses arrived a little too quickly, but it was a quiet evening, so I kind of get it. I especially love the appetizers. Be sure to choose a dish with eggplant. The restaurant isn’t called Aubergine for nothing, right?

Address restaurant Aubergine: Carr. de San Miquel km 9, 9, Sant Miquel (Google Maps)

Ca’n Pilot (Sant Rafael)

Meat, meat, meat! At Ca’n Pilot, you eat meat. Period. The restaurant actually doesn’t look like much, but the food is so good. And also very affordable. The service speaks Spanish super fast, but you’ll get there eventually. I recommend the Chuletón de buey or the entrana. The first one is for two people: you get a small barbecue at your table and prepare the meat yourself. It’s super tender! Reservations are wise as it is a very popular place.

Address restaurant C’an Pilot: Carretera Eivissa a Sant Antoni (Google Maps)

Las Dos Lunas (Sant Rafael)

Las Dos Lunas is an Italian restaurant with some Spanish classics (Iberico ham and gazpacho, for example). The restaurant is located on the highway, but once inside, you don’t notice it anymore. Instead, I am completely distracted by the colorful terrace. From floor to plant: everything is cheerfully colored. There is also a cheerful mood when I visit: the restaurant has opened for the first time since the pandemic. The service is super correct, and the wine list fortunately also offers options under 30 euros. Food is on the pricey side, but the portions are good. Expect a bit of the standard Italian dishes such as carpaccio and panna cotta and beautiful pieces of meat —no culinary delights and certainly no originality prize, but a wonderful evening out.

Address restaurant Las Dos Lunas: Ctra. Eivissa-Sant Antoni, KM 5, 4, 07816 San Rafael (Google Maps)

Sa Punta (Talamanca)

In mid-September, it’s incredibly windy at Sa Punta during dinner, which makes the dinner a bit of a perseverance test. Unfortunately, the wind detracts from the dining experience. Try to get a seat a bit deeper into the restaurant, then the wind won’t blow you away, but the food will. It is also a lot more atmospheric there. Sa Punta is a chic restaurant, and the chefs know how to prepare the plates beautifully. The food is delicious too, but it’s almost a shame to eat here in the evening: a sunny lunch where you can see the works of art on your plate does Sa Punta more justice.

Above Sa Punta is Patchwork. It’s from the same owner but completely different. It is a cheerful Lebanese restaurant. The view over the sea is beautiful here.

Address restaurant Sa Punta: Es Pouet de Talamanca (Google Maps)

Fish Shack (Talamanca)

It’s back! The Fish Shack was closed, and I thought I’d lost it forever. But luckily, this hidden gem is open again for the summer season. It’s a humble, easy-going shack serving fresh fish and meat dishes. Sitting on wooden chairs on a cliff with a view of the Ibiza harbor, this place is my favorite spot to go to just before I need to fly back home. There’s no menu, so the waiters will tell you what’s good today. Make sure to inquire about the costs too – previously they only accepted cash. I think you can now also pay with a card. But please double-check before you order.

Address The Fish Shack: Punta dels Andreus sin número, Playa Talamanca (Google Maps)

Restaurants on Ibiza you might want to skip

Ibiza is pretty much on fleek with everything. That also applies to restaurants. A lot of money is spent on decoration. The nicer the restaurant, the higher my expectation of the food. So when the food doesn’t match the setup, that’s such a letdown. These are the restaurants on Ibiza that disappointed me.

La Brasa (Ibiza stad)

At La Brasa, you eat in a beautiful garden, a beautiful setting. But, the service is terrible: rushed, unkind, and the bill is just ‘popped’ on your table. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t make up for it either. Everything tasted rather flat, and the paellas were very dull and not tasty. Skip as far as I’m concerned.

Cova Santa (Sant Josep)

Such a shame. Cova Santa was also high on my list of places I wanted to eat. We were welcomed charmingly, but soon the deception started. There is entertainment during the dinner service: great idea, bad execution. It felt like a mix of a high school musical and the entertainment program of an all-inclusive resort. The food was okay, but not good enough for what we paid. They served us meat with a lot of fat, and several dishes were different from what was promised on the menu. When it was time to leave, the staff was very unaccommodating: we needed two taxis, and it took them forever to call… one. We were out on the street for at least an hour before we could grab a second taxi.

Cova Santa Ibiza in the dark

La Escollera (Es Cavallet)

La Escollera was also quite disappointing to me. This restaurant is located at Playa Es Cavallet, and the decor is typical Ibiza. Lots of white, lots of wood, very promising. Upon entering, the service sends me from one colleague to the next to learn where to sit down. In the end, my friends and I have to wait at the bar for ten minutes, right next to an empty table. When we inquire, we may sit down. Then it all takes quite a while. The service staff is running around hurridly, but don’t pay attention. They are friendly at the table, but they return to their grumpiness as soon as they turn around. We were out on the street for at least an hour before we could grab a second taxi. We find the portions rather small in comparison to the price and somewhat bland in taste. It’s not all that bad, but we certainly won’t be back.

Croissant Show (Ibiza stad)

Although the place is always packed, I don’t understand the popularity of the Croissant Show. I’ve tried it several times now, and yes, the croissant is delicious. But the coffee is ditch water, and the waiters don’t seem to enjoy their work.

Do you have any recommendations or no-gos for restaurants on Ibiza? Do share them!

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First published: July 2017. The article has been updated since.

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