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In warm climates, you have to drink a lot to keep hydrated, right? Liters of water, of course, but on Curaçao, you will also find a few typical drinks that taste like a holiday. So if you’re on the island, at least try these four.

Awa di Lamunchi

Awa di Lamunchi is a pretty straightforward drink: freshly squeezed limes with water and sugar. So you could also easily make it at home. A liter of water, three squeezed limes, and about 75 grams of sugar: add ice cubes, done! Nice and refreshing.


At various locations on the island, you will find small food trucks that sell batidos. Batidos are a type of smoothie. Usually made with crushed ice, milk, fresh fruit, and sugar. You choose the fruits that look tasty to you, and your batido is made on the spot. For example, in Willemstad, you will find a batido truck on the Otrobanda side of the pontoon bridge.

batido Curaçao: Kim drinks a batido in front of the batido truck

Tip! Make sure to check out these restaurants on Curaçao: great food and, of course, drinks.

Amstel Bright and Polar

Did someone say beer? On Curaçao, you mainly drink Amstel Bright and Polar. Amstel Bright is a nice light beer. It was introduced when Corona beer grew in popularity, but unfortunately, it never really became a thing in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it is a hit in Curaçao. Amstel Bright is brewed in the Netherlands, by the way, and now and then, you can get some bottles in the Dutch supermarkets. And occasionally, this webshop has some in stock. The other beer that is widely sold is Polar, a lager from Venezuela.

I pictured myself on the beach with an Amstel Bright in one hand, sunscreen in the other. But Curaçao went into lockdown in 2020. There was a curfew and a ban on alcohol! That caused some crazy situations because if you were a hotel guest, you could order an alcoholic drink at hotel bars, including beach bars. So it could happen that the people next to me were enjoying an endless supply of cocktails and beers on the beach because they were staying in the hotel. And I had to make do with some water. Life’s unfair.

Blue Curacao

In the Netherlands, we mainly know Blue Curacao, but the liqueur exists in many more colors and flavors. It is made on Curaçao, and you can visit the distillery in the country house Chobolobo. There is a tour with tasting and a tour with a cocktail workshop. I did the tour with tasting and really liked it. The guide explains the production process and also tells about the manor and the slavery past. The Chobolobo mansion is one of 66 still in use out of 100 estates on the island. Unfortunately, the plantation with the lahara trees is at a different location, but you get a good idea of ​​​​the harvesting thanks to photos, which happens by hand, by the way! After the tour, I taste a few sips of different Curaçao liqueurs, and I can choose a cocktail. Recommended!

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