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A yoga retreat requires at least a weekend, right? Wrong! You can go on a retreat for half a day on Ibiza. During the high season, the Dutch Lauri regularly organizes short yoga retreats with her company, One Day Retreat.

A yoga retreat of 3 hours

To be honest: when I book, I doubt whether you can call a morning program a retreat. The name retreat implies quite a lot; in my eyes, it is a promise of peace, quiet, reflection. You can’t do that in a few hours, can you? Well, apparently, you can.

Yoga on the rocks

Under the guidance of yoga teacher Lauri, we take our own cars to the yoga location. When you book, you don’t get the exact location yet, as Lauri uses multiple locations. All are somewhat remote and quite unique. We go to Punta Galera, but Sa Figuera Borda is also a teaching location, for example. We first walk quietly to Punta Galera. It is a kind of plateau of rocks pushed over each other right next to the ocean. Just being here feels incredibly zen already.

Full program, empty head

The half-day retreat consists of a yoga class, meditation, breathing exercises: everything you want AND banana bread, yogi tea, and a small gift. There are only eight of us, and the maximum group size is twelve. I really like that because it makes it feel a lot more personal. The vibe is open: people are invited to share something if they want to, but they don’t have to. The sound of the waves is calming. Lauri’s voice is cheerful and loving. Within ten minutes, all my doubts about whether you can call a morning program a retreat are entirely dispelled.

I leave my Ibiza holiday full of sightseeing, walks, food, and sangria behind for a few hours. The half-day retreat is a wonderful change from the ‘busy’ holiday schedule. And secretly, it is also very nice that the retreat is in Dutch, but the half-day retreat is also offered in English. Yoga mats are provided!

Check the available dates or get in touch via Facebook. At One Day Retreat, you can also book private retreats. And if you are in doubt between yoga at Amante and the half-day retreat, go for the latter. Do you have more time? Then also check out the multi-day yoga retreats in Ibiza.

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