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Street art lovers are in luck on Ibiza: there are some unique places to admire graffiti art. I’ll admit right away that they are not all breathtaking works of art. Still, there is undoubtedly something beautiful to be found on the island. So check out these graffiti spots in Ibiza..

Abandoned club full of graffiti

Hidden in the mountains of Sant Josep is the Festival Club. In the 1970s, this was a promising place with an enormous capacity, restaurants, an amphitheater, dance floors, and more. But, it didn’t work out as planned. The doors opened in 1972 and closed again in 1974. There have been plans to reopen it, and those have so far all been canceled.

Now the club has been empty for years, and it’s nature’s turn to party. Trees grow between the concrete seats, and crumbling walls shoot plants. It is a remarkable sight, and it feels very remote. There is glass on the floor almost everywhere (perhaps rather wear shoes than slippers). All walls have been gratefully used by graffiti artists. Well… not everyone can or should call themselves a graffiti artist: some of the graffiti is nothing more than a tag or an unfortunate attempt at art.

Abandoned Festival Club on Google Maps

The graffiti hotel ruins of Cala d’en Serra

A lovely hotel should have been built at the Cala d’en Serra bay. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as planned: only the skeleton is there. The hotel was never finished, and it looks like it won’t be for the foreseeable future. You can walk around the remains and admire the various murals. Here you’ll find graffiti tags as well. Be careful where you walk because the building hasn’t been maintained. You’ll find holes in the floors and ceilings, crumbling walls… so be careful. If you don’t trust it, just choose another route through the ruins.

Hotelruïne van Cala d’en Serra on Google Maps

Sa Caleta bunkers

War bunkers are hidden at the Sa Caleta beach. Abandoned and unmanaged, they are a favorite spot for graffiti artists to practice their skills. To be fair: the graffiti here is not particularly impressive, but the combination of the bunkers, the dry land, and the colorful paintings make it a unique place. So no hours of entertainment here, but a nice, short graffiti stop. And! There is more to see at Sa Caleta.

Bunkers Sa Caleta on Google Maps

Graffiti art in a tunnel

Near Ibiza town, Mexican artist Spaik has painted a tunnel with graffiti. Ever since, the tunnel is called the Spaik tunnel. On one side is a snake, and on the other an eagle, both very colorful. Old photos show that the work ran all the way across the ground when it was just finished – now, that’s worn away. Totally in love with Spaik’s work? He also does tattoos. Check his Instagram.

Spaik tunnel onGoogle Maps

More Ibiza inspiration?

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