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What could be better than going on a holiday during a holiday? That is exactly why I like to add a day trip to Formentera to my holiday on Ibiza. Rent a scooter and visit the beaches, love it!

To Formentera by boat

From Ibiza, I take the boat to Formentera. There are several options in the port of Ibiza Town. My best friend and I are invited to go on the Balearia boat. The Balearia boats are the largest ferries that do the crossing in just over half an hour. They are also the most luxurious: neatly clean, comfortable seats and even a bar on board. On the upper deck, it is wonderful to relax in the sun and enjoy the view. On the way back, I get treated to a beautiful sunset. You can pre-purchase your ticket online at Balearia.com or just go to the harbor and buy the ticket there. You can buy an open ticket so that you can return to Ibiza at any time. If you want, you can also take your rental car to Formentera.

By the way, if you’re looking for tips for Ibiza, here’s an overview.

Rent a scooter on Formentera

In the port of Formentera, it is pretty chaotic on arrival. Everyone who gets off the boat is looking for transportation. Cars, scooters, you name it. It is hectic at the stands directly in the harbor. That is why we walk a little further to the offices down the road. Hardly anyone seems to do that – thank you. We have our hopes set on a Renault Twizy: a two-seater electric car. Unfortunately, it has already been rented out at ProAuto. That’s why we end up with a La Savina scooter, which is absolutely fine too. The rent prices are about the same everywhere, about 25 euros. If you book online in advance, you can save some money.

Tip! Do you want to rent a particular car or scooter on Formentera? Book online at least 24 hours in advance.

You may be familiar with the expression ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination‘. That is undoubtedly true on Formentera. Don’t expect glorious and captivating sights, but rather enjoy your scooter ride and the short stops you make. I’ll list a few for you.

Horseback riding on Formentera

Go horseback riding with Rutas Es Boixets on Formentera. Just an hour, or maybe a bit longer. It’s up to you. Make sure to call ahead – which I forgot. Oops! So learn from my mistake, and make a reservation in advance.

Visit San Francisco

San Francisco (San Francesc) is the capital city of Formentera. Well, let’s call it capital village. About 3,000 people live here. Around the church, you will find the best streets for shopping and eating. The white houses contrast very nicely with the brightly colored flowers. The shops are mostly smaller boutiques, and local artists set up tables on the street to sell their creations. You’ll have seen most of San Francisco in an hour, including a coffee stop at Big Store.

Drink sangria at Platja de Migjorn

The longest beach of Formentera is in the south. Platja de Migjorn is no less than 4 kilometers long. In some areas, it is a sandy beach, sometimes it is rockier. Take a walk on the beach, take a dip in the water, sunbathe and then make your way to Pelayo Chiringuito (Google Maps location). Pelayo is my favorite place on the beach. Friendly and straightforward, casual, fast service, aioli with LOTS of garlic, and a liter of sangria for 15 euros. Go for it!

Far de la Mola lighthouse

The main road crosses the countryside of Formentera. The Far de la Mola lighthouse is located at the very tip of Formentera. The lighthouse is nice to see, but really: it’s about the view. It is usually relatively quiet at the viewpoint, almost as if you are alone in the world. On a clear day, you might see Mallorca from here. The water and the cliff seem endless. If you can’t get enough of the view, there is a small restaurant for a refreshing drink. This also extends your visit a bit: otherwise, you will be done in fifteen minutes.

Es Pujols town

In the blog that I read, Es Pujols was described as a cozy village with several cool beach bars and a lovely town center. As soon as we turn into the main street with our scooter, it immediately feels wrong. Apparently, this is where are all the tourists I didn’t see at Far de la Mola or Platja Migjorn hang out. This part of Formentera is clearly intended for the tourist masses. We try again by foot. But nope. We walk along the boulevard where loud music is drowned out by drunken men. Maybe I just missed the fun part of Es Pujols, but for us, it’s time to move on quickly. Adios!

Playa Ses Illetes and Ses Illetes National Park

The Ses Illetes beach is a bit busier than Platja de Migjorn. It is closest to the harbor and is therefore also popular with walkers and cyclists – you can rent a bicycle in the harbor for about €8. Part of the beach is in the Ses Salines nature reserve, so you have to pay a small entrance fee for motorized vehicles. The park stretches from the southern part of Ibiza to the most northern area of Formentera. The majority of the park is underwater. You’ll find salt flats, beaches, dunes, and forests in the dry area.

The coast of Ses Illetes has not yet been fully exploited, partly thanks to the nature park. Here, you will not find hundreds of beach chairs, but the people here simply lie on their own towels in the sand. I can imagine that it can feel a bit too busy here in July and August though.

Playa Ses Illetes Formentera: beach with dune area

You will find several beach bars along the beach. Have a look where you feel most comfortable (Beso Beach = see and be seen, Es Ministere = come as you are).

Es Ministre Formentera

Spend a night on Formentera

Would you like to stay a bit longer and enjoy the evening on Formentera too? Spend a night on the island. Check your options at Booking.com:


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