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It is almost a shame to only stay in the city during a visit to Trento. Almost, because it is a fantastic city to explore. If you do want to discover the area, try one of these 5 day trips.

Trento is located in the north of Italy and is a lovely city to spend a few days in. There is plenty to do in Trento, but nature beckons. Although you can easily stay in Trento without a car, it is more convenient for these day trips to rent a car, for example at Sunny Cars. It is not always easy to get to the locations by public transport.

Hiking through the Valle dei Laghi

The Valle dei Laghi (Valley of the Lakes) is located between the city of Trento and the Dolomites. It is beautiful to walk here because there is a lot of natural beauty such as forests and lakes. There are plenty of excellent stops to make at churches, villages, and vineyards. The hiking trails are well-kept, but good shoes are always recommended. Due to the height differences, occasionally, you have to climb and clamber a bit.

You can also discover the Valle dei Laghi on horseback. You can book here.

Tasting local wines: from Nosiola to Vino Santo

In the Valle dei Laghi you can visit Cantina Pisoni, a local vineyard where you can join a tour. Pisoni is a real family business; the ownership is now in the hands of the 4th generation. The family makes organic wines. That means, for example, they plant rose bushes next to their vines to quickly discover fungi. The roses are affected by fungi earlier than the grapes, so the winegrowers still have time to intervene and solve the issue.

Unique wines for this region are the Nosiola and Vino Santo. The Vino Santo is a sweet wine fermented for 2 to 3 years, and it matures in barrels. The morning wind, the Oro de Garda, affects the taste, the guide explains. According to him, you should enjoy the Vino Santo with a piece of gorgonzola. Sounds tasty!

Tip! Be sure to order a glass of Trentodoc in this region. A delicious white wine with bubbles.

Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Rovereto

About half an hour’s drive from Trento, you will find the MART museum: Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. Let’s stick to MART. The museum was located in Trento for a long time but grew so fast that it needed a new location. The current building has been in use since 2002.

The collection consists of more than 30,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more art forms. All modern art. The building itself is also impressive, with many high spaces and glass details.

Stargazing in the forest of Monte Bondone

The Monte Bondone mountain houses a ski area on one side, but did you know that it’s also excellent for stargazing? Accompanied by a guide (book by email), you can view the stars and the Milky Way through telescopes at the Terrazza delle Stelle. There is hardly any light pollution in this area, which is ideal for the visibility of the stars. The observatory is located at an altitude of more than 1500 meters: it can get quite cold. So bring something warm to wear.

Stargazing Trentino Observatory - blue sky with white dots (stars)

Within walking distance of the observatory is a botanical garden with over 2000 plant species. You can visit during the day. Check the opening times.

Excursion to the old mining tunnels

Northeast of Trento, you will find Monte Calisio. The mountain is also called Argentario, after the Italian word for silver (Argento). In the Middle Ages, the prince bishop brought the best miners from Germany to extract silver. The mines have been out of use since the fifteenth century. However, the remains are still visible: tens of thousands of small craters (cadìni) and kilometers of narrow tunnels (canopes) dominate the landscape.

Many short and wide tunnels are freely accessible, but to visit other tunnels, you have to book a tour at Argentario Ecomuseum. With a small group, you will take a walk to an old mine, where the guide explains the area’s history. You will get a miner’s helmet at the mine and get to crawl into the small mine. About ten people fit inside, and you can barely stand, so if you’re claustrophobic, skip this tour. In the mine, you get a good idea of the conditions in which the miners had to work.

More travel inspiration for Italy

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