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If you can’t see the beach for the palm trees, this blog will help you find the best place to work on your tan. These are the most popular beaches in Curaçao.

The beaches of Curaçao are famous. Azure blue water, powdery sand. But… that does not apply to all beaches. You do have to pick them out a bit. Because some beaches are ideal if you want to go snorkeling, while others are meant to do nothing all day but take naps. A Dutch newspaper has drawn up no fewer than 37 beaches on the map of Curaçao. 37! Now 37 is a bit much to work through in one vacation. So let this list of pretty beaches on the island help you out. You must pay a small amount in most places to access the beach and your beach chair.

Mambo Beach

Even if you’ve never been to Curaçao, you’ve probably heard of Mambo Beach. This is a large and popular beach near Willemstad. It is full of restaurants, beach bars, and endless rows of sun loungers. You can also do some shopping. The water here is nice and calm, and the sand is soft. In the morning, it’s not that busy yet. As the day passes, more sun worshipers arrive – especially when the happy hours start. The most popular bar is Wet ‘n Wild on Friday and Sunday. Then it really does go wild, and you can dance until the wee hours.

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Jan Thiel

You will find many facilities around Jan Thiel beach. It also has many accommodation options in the area, so many tourists gratefully use the beach of Jan Thiel. Especially the part in front of Zanzibar is popular. There are beach beds between the palm trees that provide some shade.

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Baoase beach

At the chic beach resort Baoase you can buy a beach pass for a day. That’s definitely not cheap, but you get pure luxury in return. A beautiful, quiet beach for sure, but also lovely beach beds and a delicious three-course lunch. Like I said: pure luxury, with towels, a bottle of water, a snack, and more. So book your day pass here.

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Grote Knip

Grote Knip beach is in the far west of Curaçao. Combine some time on the beach with a visit to Shete Boka or the Christoffel Park. High rocks surround the beautiful bay. The view over the bay from above is fantastic. There are plenty of beach chairs, but the sand is soft enough to chill out on a towel too. The entrance is free, and you can also buy some food and drinks.

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Bon Bini Beach / Cas Abao

The Cas Abao beach has been given a second name thanks to the movie Bon Bini. It is a top-rated beach among the Dutch, despite the winding road full of holes to get there. The beach is nice and wide, and the sand is beautifully white, and soft. On the left side of the beach, the snorkeling is pretty good. But, it is also a very Dutch beach. At the eatery, you order fries with mayonnaise and a croquette.

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Playa Porto Marie

The Porto Marie beach can feel super crowded. It is a stunning beach, but it also attracts many people. So for me, it’s a lovely beach, especially at the end of the day. When the largest crowds are already heading for their hotel. One of the draws of this beach are the pigs Willy and Woody, who occasionally come to take a look at the sunbathers.

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Pirate Bay beach / Bahia Pescadera

The small stretch of beach at Bahia Pescadera is particularly popular with locals and those with children. The water is easily accessible and not too deep. So there is a good chance you will catch a swimming class with small children practicing. Because the Pirate Bay restaurant directly borders the beach, people also call it Pirate Bay beach. But if you get hungry, cross the parking lot and eat at De Visserij: fresh fish for a reasonable price.

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Playa Grandi

I don’t really recommend Playa Grandi because of the quality of the beach. This recommendation is all about the turtles that swim just off the coast. They come to the fish waste the fishermen throw into the water. The chance that you will encounter turtles here is enormous. So bring your snorkel mask and GoPro and snorkel with the turtles.

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Klein Curaçao

The reason you make the crossing to Klein Curaçao is the beach. Snow white, so spacious, and beautifully clear water. The sun shines bizarrely bright on the island, so find a shady spot and regularly dip in the sea (and keep reapplying your eco-friendly sunscreen). Klein Curaçao is really a bit of a bounty island. Amazing for your pictures, and you’ll have an amazing day out. Find out how to arrange a trip to Klein Curaçao.

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The beach of Directors Bay is full of stones and dead pieces of coral. Doesn’t sound very attractive, does it? But, you come mainly for snorkeling or diving. You must bring your stuff yourself because there is nothing here. There are a few picnic tables on the beach that you can use. Not a beach to spend hours on, but still recommended because of the underwater world.

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Tugboat Beach

Actually, this is a very crazy location for a beach. A huge oil tanker blocks the view. That’s not really my idea of an idyllic beach. And it is also not a sandy beach. But there is a very nice laid-back beach bar, and the snorkeling is impressive. A bit off the coast is a small shipwreck where many fish gather. So it is an interesting place for snorkelers and divers alike.

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Caracasbaai beach

The beach at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg (turn left at the roundabout, not right to Jan Thiel) is a kind of picnic beach. It’s not about sunbathing all day; it’s a beach where you get together with friends and family. Bring a barbecue, coolers, and lots of food and drinks. You can park right next to the beach, so you don’t have to lug it far. There is a lot of dead coral between the sand, and be careful where you put your feet when you enter the water. Pop’s is also on this beach; it has delicious local food if you have not brought anything.

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